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Certified Export Import (Foreign Trade) Professional VS-1018
The Vskills Certified Export Import (Foreign Trade) Professional certification covers the practical and procedural aspects of the work related to export and import trade, documentation required for export import trade, the role of international institutions, Incoterms, impact of foreign exchange, government policies and government bodies. It also gives an introduction to the export import trade documentation and its role and some basic knowledge of export import business. It is for beginners and intermediaries.

Why should one take this certification?
To demonstrate clear understanding of export/import and practical aspects of foreign trade and to get a visible recognition for this knowledge

Who will benefit from taking this certification?
Students looking to find employment in export houses, trading firms, international logistic companies, teachers of foreign trade, managers of companies who wish to understand foreign trade, owners of small and medium export import firms who want to have a better control over their business and risk exposure and anyone having interest in the Foreign Trade.

Test Details:
  1. Duration: 60 minutes
  2. No. of questions: 50
  3. Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%); There is no negative marking in this module.
Companies that hire Vskills Certified Export Import (Foreign Trade) Professional
Vskills Certified Export Import (Foreign Trade) Professionals might find employment in Export houses, logistic companies, foreign trade desks of banks.  There is an employment scope in the corporate sector as most MNCs have extensive foreign trade exposure.

Fee Structure:

Rs. 3509.00/- + GST as applicable
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