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Vskills Certification exams are currently being offered under the following categories:
Accounting, Banking and Finance
Certified Business Accountant VS-1015
Certified Treasury Markets Professional VS-1016
Certified Foreign Exchange Professional VS-1001
Certified Tally 9.0 Professional VS-1037
Certified Commercial Banker VS-1038
Certified Hedge Fund Manager VS-1039
Certified Wealth Manager VS-1040
Certified Merger and Acquisition Analyst VS-1005
Certified Equity Research Analyst VS-1010
Certified Technical Analyst VS-1009
Certified AML- KYC Compliance Officer VS-1092
Certified Portfolio Manager VS-1094
Certified Debt Recovery Agent VS-1097
Certified Cost Accountant VS-1125
Certified GAAP Accounting Standards Professional VS-1127
Certified Corporate Finance Analyst VS-1130
Certified Financial Risk management Professional VS-1132
Certified Credit Risk Manager VS-1133
Certified Mutual Funds Advisor VS-1095
Certified Fixed Income Analyst VS-1126
Certified Project Finance Analyst VS-1128
Certified Financial Valuation Analyst VS-1129
Certified Options Trader VS-1136
Certified Underwriter VS-1174
Certified Claims Manager VS-1175
Certified Financial Management Professional VS-1201
Office Skills
Certified Office Administrator VS-1017
Certified Data Entry Operator VS-1014
Certified Front Office Executive VS-1216
Foreign Trade
Certified Export Import (Foreign Trade) Professional VS-1018
Information Technology
Certified ASP.NET Programmer VS-1025
Certified Computer Fundamentals (MS Office) Professional VS-1021
Certified Enterprise Applications Integration Specialist (With BizTalk Server) VS-1020
Certified Open Source CMS (Drupal) Professional VS-1022
Certified Software Testing Professional VS-1023
Certified IT Support Professional VS-1026
Certified HTML Designer VS-1027
Certified Core Java Developer VS-1036
Certified Android Apps Developer VS-1044
Certified Apache CouchDB Professional VS-1045
Certified Cassandra Professional VS-1046
Certified Blackberry Apps Developer VS-1047
Certified Wordpress Developer VS-1048
Certified iPhone Apps Developer VS-1049
Certified J2ME Programmer VS-1050
Certified Big Data & Apache Hadoop Developer VS-1221
Certified HBase Professional VS-1052
Certified WiMAX (4G) Professional VS-1053
Certified PHP Developer VS-1054
Certified Python Developer VS-1055
Certified MongoDB Professional VS-1058
Certified Facebook Apps Developer VS-1059
Certified Twitter Apps Developer VS-1060
Certified Django Developer VS-1061
Certified MySQL DB Administrator VS-1062
Certified PL/SQL Developer VS-1063
Certified Linux Administrator VS-1064
Certified Basic Network Support Professional VS-1034
Certified Router Support Professional VS-1035
Certified C# Professional VS-1066
Certified Cloud Computing Professional VS-1067
Certified Data Mining and Warehousing Professional VS-1068
Certified DHTML and JavaScript Developer VS-1069
Certified Joomla Developer VS-1071
Certified SQL Server 2008 Programmer VS-1072
Certified HTML5 Developer VS-1029
Certified Dreamweaver CS5 Professional VS-1070
Certified XML Developer VS-1073
Certified E-Governance Professional VS-1074
Certified DTP Operator VS-1076
Certified E-commerce Professional VS-1077
Certified Business Intelligence Professional VS-1075
Certified Ethical Hacking and Security Professional VS-1078
Certified Grid Computing Professional VS-1081
Certified Network Security Professional VS-1082
Certified Selenium Professional VS-1083
Certified Project Management Professional VS-1079
Certified SEO Professional VS-1084
Certified Software Quality Assurance Professional VS-1085
Certified Word 2003 Professional VS-1031
Certified Excel 2003 Professional VS-1032
Certified Powerpoint 2003 Professional VS-1033
Certified CAD Professional VS-1065
Certified Electronics Design Associate VS-1105
Certified Raspberry Pi Professional VS-1111
Certified Maven Build Professional VS-1113
Certified Tomcat Server Professional VS-1115
Certified Cloudstack Professional VS-1122
Certified CVS Professional VS-1142
Certified Git Version Control Professional VS-1169
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Certified Logistics and Supply Chain Management Professional VS-1024
Certified International Logistics Management Professional VS-1007
Certified Purchase Manager VS-1008
Certified Warehouse Manager VS-1030
Certified Supply Chain Management Professional VS-1204
Certified Inventory Manager VS-1131
Certified Material Management Professional VS-1206
Certified Restaurant Team Member Hospitality VS-1013
Life Skills
Certified Public Relation Officer VS-1043
Certified Content Writer VS-1012
Certified Business Communication Specialist VS-1042
Certified Biopharmaceutical Professional VS-1088
Certified Fitness Trainer VS-1101
Certified Negotiation Manager VS-1138
Human Resources
Certified Human Resources Manager VS-1002
Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager VS-1004
Certified Performance Appraisal Manager VS-1011
Certified HR Staffing Manager VS-1003
Certified Talent Manager VS-1051
Certified Payroll Manager VS-1176
Certified Training and Development Manager VS-1186
Real Estate
Certified Real Estate Consultant VS-1006
Certified Advertising Manager VS-1090
Certified News Editor VS-1057
Certified Online Journalist VS-1168
Certified Technical Writer VS-1184
Certified Marketing Manager VS-1098
Certified Financial Services Marketing Professional VS-1099
Certified Services Marketing Manager VS-1109
Certified Campaign Manager VS-1106
Certified Market Research Analyst VS-1185
Certified Marketing Planning Manager VS-1187
Certified Brand Manager VS-1189
Certified Consumer Behaviour Analyst VS-1200
Cloud Computing
Digital Media
Health, Nutrition and Well-being
Certified Intellectual Property Rights & Legal Manager VS-1080
Certified Business Law Analyst VS-1153
Certified Labour Law Analyst VS-1157
Certified Company Law Professional VS-1149
Certified Consumer Law Professional VS-1150
Certified Human Rights Law Professional VS-1152
Certified Cyber Law Analyst VS-1154
Certified Criminal Procedure Code Analyst VS-1155
Certified Environment Law Analyst VS-1156
Certified Contract Law Analyst VS-1158
Certified Corporate Law Analyst VS-1161
Certified Media Law Analyst VS-1162
Mobile Application Development
Project Management
Certified TQM Professional VS-1087
Certified Lean Manufacturing Professional VS-1091
Certified Six Sigma - Green Belt Professional VS-1103
Certified Six Sigma - Black Belt Professional VS-1104
Certified World Class Manufacturing (WCM) practices manager VS-1107
Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional VS-1108
Certified Service Quality Manager VS-1173
Certified Multichannel Retail Professional VS-1041
Certified Retail Management Professional VS-1190
Sales, BPO
Certified Telesales Executive VS-1019
Certified Sales Manager VS-1203
Certified Software Security Professional VS-1086
Certified Network Security Open source Software Developer VS-1145
Certified Cyber Security Analyst VS-1160
Certified Jmeter Tester VS-1120
Certified OpenSTA Testing Professional VS-1163
Web Development
Certified CSS Designer VS-1028
Certified CSS3 Developer VS-1056
Certified Corporate Governance Professional VS-1194
Certified Performance Management VS-1196
Certified Redmine Project Management Professional VS-1118
Certified Clean Energy Professional VS-1134
Certified Interior Designer VS-1135
Certified Merchandiser VS-1171
Certified ERP Manager VS-1180
Certified Environmentalist VS-1181
Certified Production Manager VS-1188
Certified Corporate Strategy Professional VS-1192
Certified Textile Designer VS-1193
Certified Corporate Social Responsibility VS-1195
Certified Event Management Professional VS-1197
Certified Risk Management Professional VS-1198
Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager VS-1199
Certified Smart Cities Professional VS-1224
Certified Telecom Management Professional VS-1222
About Vskills
What is Vskills Certification?
  • Vskills Certification is a professional skill test that is conducted to assure that a person is qualified to perform a job
  • Vskills Certification is a proof that the candidate has the requisite skills to do a job
What are the Benefits of taking Vskills Certification?
  • A Government Co. run skill testing and certification programme
  • Test and prove skills that are valued by experts in the industry
  • Vskills Certification course ware and tests are structured and regularly updated according to the industry standards
  • Vskills Certifications do not require any time commitment since it is only a test and no classroom teaching is required
  • Vskills Certifications open avenues for candidates in various sectors
  • Vskills Certifications provide an opportunity to get certified in areas where you are not formally educated
  • Vskills Certifications greatly enhance the chances of employment
  • CVs of Vskills Certified candidates are highlighted in Monster's job seeker database and get special attention of the recruiter
  • CVs of all Vskills Certified candidates is shared with matching organizations for recruitment
  • Vskills Certified candidates are a part of the Vskills Job Centre for Life
Who can take up the certification?

There is no minimum qualification for taking up Vskills Certification Exam, so it is for everyone – from day to day users to senior management, say
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Businessmen and Entrepreneurs
  • Housewives/Retired Professionals, etc
How to Prepare for Vskills Certification?
  • Candidates will be provided with the study material giving the outline of the course structure
  • Candidates are required to prepare from the study material provided as it will form the basic guideline of the certification exam
  • No classroom coaching, all preparation from books
  • No restriction on the number of attempts