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fire safety engineer

Freelancer - Purushottam Munjajirao Dhutraj
Kolkata Mumbai
1-8 years

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merchandiser/sales – export- leather

5-8 years

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Green Window Consultancy
3-6 years

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Relationship Manager

Quess Corp Limited
Cuttack Chhapra
3-7 years

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Merchandiser Jobs In Kolkata Opening And Vacancy

Merchandiser Jobs in Kolkata, the city that loves its fusion cuisine are not difficult to get. The city with myriad industries offers quite a few opportunities for aspirants looking for merchandiser jobs in Kolkata. The candidates need to ensure that the goods appear in the right place like the correct store at the right time as also on a website, at a suitable time and in the right amounts. This would mean that the candidate would need to work closely with the buying teams to correctly and accurately predict trends as also plan stock levels and supervise performance. The applicants will also be expected to set the right prices so that profits can be maximized and promotions can be offered to customers. The candidate wishing to make a name for herself/himself as a merchandiser must also be ready to supervise delivery as well as distribution of stock and deal with the suppliers on a regular basis. The candidate will also be called upon to employ specialist computer software that can help with not just handling sales statistics but also aid with sales projections. Apart from this, the candidate will also be expected to present spreadsheets along with graphs. Managing, training and monitoring the work of junior staff also falls under the purview of a merchandiser.