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Quality analyst Opening and Vacancy

Quality Analysts (QA) are people who ensure that any product that is released for use is checked of any flaws or faults in them. Typically, Quality Analysts are hired by game developers, software localisation companies, social media platforms, travel companies, airlines and entertainment companies. They must ensure that the product released is fully operational, user friendly and reliable for use by consumers. To ensure a top-quality product, a Quality Analyst must create a plan for testing the product. Using this plan, they access functionality and performance of the product. A Quality Analyst hunts down any software bugs that may weaken the product, rebuild the corrected software application thereby ensuring that such bugs don’t occur in the first place. Using the plan created, they asses the functionality, performance, reliability, stability and compatibility with other systems. Therefore, a Quality Analyst must strong IT skills and a meticulous approach with an eye for detail. Needless to say, having a strong programming knowledge and a good understanding of a broad range of software applications, hardware and networks are prerequisites. They must have an eye for detail to see how small details fit into a bigger scheme. Having a creative mindset, will help a Quality Analyst approach the quality test plan creatively. Quality Analyst with a bachelor’s degree in an IT related subject are preferred by the employers.

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