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Python Opening and Vacancy

Looking to make it big in Python Jobs? As a Python Web Developer, the candidate will be accountable for writing server-side web application logic. As a Python web developer, the candidate will be called upon to cater to the development of back-end components. Apart from that, s/he will also be required to help with connecting the application with the other web services. This will need to be undertaken along with working in tandem with the front-end developers by integrating their work with the Python application. A good Python job seeker should be able to write reusable, testable, as well as efficient codes. S/he will also be responsible for the implementation of security apart from data protection. Candidates applying for Python jobs are expected to be well versed in Python, with full-fledged knowledge of at least one Python web framework. S/he should also be familiar with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries and also showcase the ability to assimilate multiple data sources and databases into one system. The aspirant must also have a thorough understanding of the limitations posed by threading apart from multi-process architecture. A strong comprehension of server-side templating languages is also a pre-requisite for the candidate aspiring for Python jobs.

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