Team Leader - WBO Ops

Team Leader - WBO Ops

The HDFC Bank Limited
Bengaluru / Bangalore India
1-2 years
Not Specified

Job Description

Job Description :
Inward Clearing & Outward Clearing Supervise and ensure tallying of cheques on receipt. Verification and authorisation of entries are completed within cut-off time. Ensure proper Technical and Signature verification of all instruments within cut off time. Ensure timely scanning of cheques in CTS systems. Ensure Ultra Violet checking of all eligible cheques. Ensure all eligible cheques are dually verified, as prescribed. Conduct proper call back of prescribed reports within cut off time. Management of Clearing differences (Receivable/Payable) Booking and timely follow up. Referrals management for cheques, as applicable. Ensure no cheque of High Net Worth client is returned without referring to the respective Relationship Manager/Retail Branch Manager. Ensure all payee names are updated in core system. Ensure suspicious Beneficiary names are checked through the appropriate systems. Processing of Warrants through prescribed system and follow the laid down process. Processing of Disbursement instruments through prescribed system and follow the laid down process. Conduct Business Continuity Planning for clearing activities. Handling of Returns and Referrals : Identify and return eligible cheques. Ensure returns are marked with correct reason in core system. Maintain Cheque Return Register and other records. Conduct call back of returns and attach return memos to the instruments. To ensure there are no late return for funds or technical reasons. Outward Clearing : Technical verification of all instruments before lodging in Clearing. Ultra Violet verification of all eligible cheques before lodgement. Verification and authorisation in core system before lodgement. Ensure all cheques must bear crossing stamps on the face of the instrument. Scanning of cheques within cut off time. To ensure there are no exceptions in the laid down processes. Manage Inward Returns and ensure nil exceptions. Ensure Inward Returns are tallied with Grid Mail. Ensure proper processing of Returns in Core system. Ensure Hold marking and Hold released before Value date clearing. Ensure Value Date Clearing is run as per value date. Ensure same day dispatching of all cheque returns to customers/branches. Sub-Member : Ensure all cheque returns are stamped All Our Stamp Cancelled. Ensure all charges have been recovered, as prescribed. Ensure to follow the laid down guidelines for Paper to Follow (P2F) Clearing. Ensure all Sub-members have received Inward Clearing on time. Ensure all Sub-members have submitted Outward Return on time. Ensure all Sub-members have submitted Outward Clearing on time. Soft copy of Outward file received on time to process Outward cheque in ECCS system. Ensure mails for return and extension have been forwarded to Sub-members on time. Charges as per agreement recovered from Sub-member banks. CBS cheques : Ensure capturing and authorisation of CBS Funding Sheets and validation of CBS cheques received against funding sheet. Referral management for cheques as applicable. Proper call back activity for CBS reports.Remittance transactions processing : Ensure proper Verification of transfer cheques before processing. Ensure proper inputting and authorization of all Transfer cheques Ensure Ultra Violet checking, as per prescribed limit, of all eligible cheques. Ensure all eligible cheques are dual verified, as per laid down process. Ensure all eligible cheques are referred to respective Relationship Manager/Branch Manager, before returning. Ensure return cheques are dispatched to customer / branch along with proper return memo Issuance of instruments like Demand Draft, Manager Cheques, Disbursement payout, Cheque printing etc. as per laid down process. Safe custody of numbered instruments and maintenance of proper records. Ensure charges are recovered as per schedule of charges.Bankers to the Issue processing : Timely processing of all Bankers to the Issue applications received at the branch. Timely processing of all Regional Rural Bond applications and related activities. To liaise with vendor, Central Processing Unit, Central team for processing of Initial Public Offer/New Fund Offer.RTGS/NEFT processing : Ensure all RTGS/NEFT requests are technically verified before processing in core system. Ensure correct and timely inputting and authorization of RTGS/NEFT requests. Ensure generation of all reports, as prescribed. Conduct call back of RTGS/NEFT, as prescribed.Retail Asset operations : Conduct basic Credit Parameter checking and audit of file. Audit and Disbursement of file. Critical documents, vaulting confirmation and checking. Authorization of Disbursement Checking Daily Disbursement Report, conducting call back. Checking for Franking/e-Stamping (Electronic Secure Bank and Treasury Receipt) of loan cases. Preparing e-Record of Delivery, dispatch the files, maintaining Courier Register, mail management. Stamp Paper approval, purchase of stamps from Vendor, passing entries within the system, housekeeping and daily reconciliation activities. Destruction of files approved but not disbursed >45 days, Rejected >15 days and Decision pending >60 days. Reading of mails, process notes, delegations from Retail Asset Operations. Updation of Hologram/Original Registration Certificate handover register. Cross-selling and CRM system updation viz. Lead generation. Daily reconciliation of General Receipt Suspense account. Checking and Resolution of Query/FTNR through Electronic System Foreclosure report. Reviewing of suggestions and resolution of complaints. Maintain Service Quality parameter for Client Service Desk. Tracking and monitoring of Category A and Category B Registered Certificates. Follow-up with Regional Transport Office Agent for Pending Category B Post Due Documents. Follow up for Post Due Documents with Dealers/Business. Conduct visits to Dealers office. Premier Dealership Program - Dealer staff training, file collection and reconciliation. Procuring training of Business/Sales.Handling business staff viz. Relationship Manager, Sales staff etc.Retail Liability Operations : To ensure proper inwarding, counting, acknowledgement of Account Opening Forms received from Retail branches. Marking receipt in Form Tracking System. To ensure that the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering guidelines are meticulously followed. To keep track of hold cases. Funds checking. Scanning of documents is done as per the defined time lines. Generating, affixing Bar code stickers post account opening. Timely Dispatch of forms to respective Regional Document Verification Unit/Central Processing Unit. Entering the details of Form 60/61 in KYC utility. To ensure proper Updation of Operating instruction in KYC utility. To ensure that the Account Opening Forms on hold are cleared within TAT as well as ensure that there are no pending items in any systems. Processing of reject cases in the related systems. Quality Check to be done for eligible cases.Help branches to reduce their FTNR, for faster customer service. Have frequent meetings with the retail branch banking team. Nil financial exposure to the Bank due to lapses, errors, miss-out. Ensure meeting turnaround times/Nil TAT delays. Checking and monitoring of various MIS. Contributing Ideas and suggest process simplifications/improvements. Ensure and build internal control mechanism to prevent frauds, errors. Ensure training at regular intervals to staff at various levels.Nostro and Suspense Account monitoring : Daily Recon of Nostro account with FCR and Dealer Pad application. Management of clearing funds and maintain Nostro account balances within prescribed limit. Monitor all relevant Suspense Accounts as per the process. Laid down reporting of Suspense/Nostro accounts. Safe-custody of Nostro account cheque book. Voucher Management : To manage all vouchers and records as per laid down guidelines. Archive, Print and file approval mails for Referrals. To ensure that rubber stamps are affixed as required, for eg. Paid, Posted, Signature verified, UV verified. Timely processing of all records in the RMS/Archival system as per laid down guidelines. To liaise with Record management Agency for storage/retrieval of Bank records. SkillsEnsure timely handover of systems.Maintain relevant registers and documents.Suspense/GL accounts monitoring.Store all security documents, instruments, etc. in FRFC under dual custody.Ensure generation of all the relevant reports for all the functions.To convert customer on digital platform.Co-ordination with external agencies, vendors, system support teams.Management of staff leaves, absenteeism, replacements, exigencies.Any other responsibilities entrusted from time to time.

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