Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Support Planner

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Support Planner

Anram Solutions Private Limited
Hyderabad / Secunderabad
4-7 years
Not Specified

Job Description

The Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Support Planner is responsible for collecting data to help the SBU Lead Planner plan the end to end supply chain for products within a/several Company's SBU. The SBU Support Planner will collaborate with the SBU Lead Planner, and possibly the Commercial Team, Logistics, Procurement and Plants to develop the data to support an optimal Value Chain and minimize the cost to serve our customers while provided high levels of service. Work includes, but not limited, to capacity planning, demand planning/forecasting at a product/customer level, data migration to establishing stocking strategies, recommended MRP strategies, metric analysis, and data analysis during supply constraints. Will participation in the S&OP monthly cycle discussions and provide data to SBU Lead Planner in preparation for S&OP discussions regarding forecasting/supply/inventory.

Key Accountabilities/Essential Functions of the Job:
Help develop and compile long-term rolling demand forecasts (operational forecasts) at multiple levels of aggregation as part of a demand planning function. This will be done by working with the SBU Lead Planner, Sales, Product Operations and Marketing to understand changes to customer demand then compare to the historical actuals and statistical forecast created by Infor CDP.
Support the SBU Lead Planner regarding product launch(s) and changes to customer applications to ensure the timely supply of products to the new business.
Compile data/graphs/slides and participate, in monthly Supply Planning Meetings as a component of the monthly S&OP Cycle. Meetings will review approved forecasted Demand Plan with Supply Chain stakeholders to ensure alignment with the Supply/Inventory/Production Plan.
Work with SBU Lead Planner to review Procurement inventory strategies aligning them with FG demand, plant storage capabilities and manage through any raw material supply shortages which could impact production
Create stocking strategies of both raw material and FG inventory to align with Company's Supply Chain targets like Working Capital and Service Levels.
Review MRP data and help drive planning and production scheduling activities through MRP
Pull data to support continuous improvement opportunities by root cause analysis process and the development of corrective actions to address variances in Supply Chain Performance (e.g. Service Levels).
Support analysis of the value chain supplying products within your SBU and look for optimization opportunities. Opportunities could include, but not limited to, working with Logistics to find different modes of transportation to deliver product to a customer, make changes to the current distribution (warehouse) network and/or changing the production footprint for products within your SBU.
Work with SBU Lead Planner to calculate the financial impact of Planning decisions on Cost of Goods, Plant CPU and Logistics spend.

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