Sr. Administrator - Wintel

Sr. Administrator - Wintel

3-5 years
Not Specified

Job Description

Job Description :
Roles & Responsibilities:

Hardware & Networking
a.Isolate failed or non-performing device through error codes
b.Identify the model of the server
c.Communicate with the OEM / service provider for right spares / unit replacement.
d.Configure NIC card including IP
e.Understanding of vendors like HP, Dell
OS Administration
a.Troubleshoot to identify errors
b.Isolate the issue (to specific failed unit / service)
c.Rebuild Raid, with guidance
d.Drive / filesystem management, deploy patches,
e.Deploy images on multiple servers
a.Connect to cluster and check the status of nodes (up / down) and resource group
b.Perform Failover and fall back of resource group between cluster nodes
a.Perform VMotion / lpm , DRS
b.Connect to host, put host into maintenance mode and restart
Backup & Disaster Recovery
a.Fire native backups, basic troubleshooting of native backups, volume/volume shadow copy or volume clone.
a.Identify the type of storage attached to servers
b.Work with multicasting commands
Active Directory
a.Move computer objects between OUs
b.Give desired permissions at OU level
c.Check service functionality (such as DNS, DHCP, AD)
d.Read and understand the directory services error logs to isolate issues
a.Generate AV reports
b.Push the DAT version from the console
c.Check logs for errors.

Technical Skills
a. Hardware, Network Components, Devices (F)
b. Systems Administration (F)
c. High Availability / Cluster Systems (F)
d. Cloud Computing / Virtualization Administration (F)
e. Storage and Backup Administration (F)
f. Storage and Backup Administration (A)
g. SSO Software, Windows Server Administration (A)
h. Microsoft (F)
Behavioral Skills
a. Email Communication, Presentation, Public Speaking (F)
b. Strategic Thinking, Transactions Processing, Planning (A)
c. Analytical Thinking, Scientific Temperament (A)
d. Interpersonal Skills (F), Nurturing Relationships (A)
e. Customer Service Orientation, Business Appreciation (F)
Proficiency Legend: (A) - Aware; (F) - Familiar; (P) - Proficient; (E) - Expert.

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