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Software Engineer

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Job Description

Job Description
GCB: 6
Position title: Software Engineer
Job Profile:
In 2020 HSBC made a strategic decision to merge middle offices from Global Banking & Markets (GBM) and the Commercial Bank (CMB) to form Wholesale Client Services. Over the next two years, a substantial transformation programme will deliver a globally consistent operating model, an improved client experience, simplified policies/processes, and providing a clean landscape for increased levels of STP and automation.
The Wholesale Existing to Bank Journey vision is to provide a data and analytics driven approach. This will:
  • retire the current time based periodic review schedule
  • move HSBC to an intelligence led trigger based CDD review
  • digitise the client experience

With automation and straight-through-processing at its core - HSBC's clients and case managers will input by exception only where escalation or intervention is required.
Within this transformation there are 5 domains of change: Customer and Staff Channels Integration Services Case Management & Workflow Regulatory & Controls Improvements and Client Data and Policy Implementation.
The primary deliverables for Customer Account Risk technology will be focussed on Client Data and Policy Implementation. The objective is to deliver a converged solution to:
  • source trusted data
  • establish common identifiers and hierarchies
  • enable STP
  • provide an automated policy engine driving decisions and outreach requirements
  • integrate with an automated screening solution and document management service.

The technology stacks impacted are:
  • Customer Review Tool (CRT) - CMB & RBWM operations tool that enables the conduct of due diligence for all New and existing client customer types in line with global line of business policy. Live in all 38 WPB markets & CMB sites
  • Central Triggers Utility - CTU Triggers periodic reviews on clients based on policy and other data changes or scenarios that would potentially trigger a client review. No front end.
  • Next Generation Tool - GBM client due diligence tool that enables the conduct of due diligence for all New and existing client customer types in line with global line of business policy live in all GBM markets

The Full Stack Engineering job is responsible for working across the Technology delivery lifecycle including inception, construction, testing, release and ongoing management of a product or service in a pod within a Technology team.
They will be required to continually enhance their skills within a number of specialisms which include front end, development, security, testing, and operational support. Qualifications
This role will carry out some or all of the following activities:
  • Provide support across the end-to-end delivery and run lifecycle, utilising their skills and expertise to carry out software development, testing and operational support activities with the ability to move between these according to demand
  • End-to-end accountability for a product or service, identifying and developing the most appropriate Technology solutions to meet customer needs as part of the Customer Journey
  • Liaise with other engineers, architects and business stakeholders to understand and drive the product or service's direction
  • Establish a digital environment and automate processes to minimize variation and ensure predictable high quality code and data
  • Create technical test plans and records, including unit and integration tests, within automated test environments to ensure code quality
  • Provide support to DevOps teams working at all stages of a product or service release/change with a strong customer focus and end-to-end journeys, ensuring they have an excellent domain knowledge
  • Working with Ops, Dev and Test Engineers to ensure operational issues (performance, operator intervention, alerting, design defect related issues, etc.) are identified and addressed at all stages of a product or service release/change
  • Provide support in identification and resolution of all incidents associated with the IT service, as directed by leadership of the DevOps team
  • Ensure service resilience, service sustainability and recovery time objectives are met for all the software solutions delivered
  • Responsible for automating the continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline within a DevOps Product/Service team driving a culture of continuous improvement
  • Keep up-to-date and have expertise on current tools, technologies and areas like cyber security and regulations pertaining to aspects like data privacy, consent, data residency etc. that are applicable

Key Technical Skills required
  • Cloud & Kubernetes
  • Java
  • Kafka
  • Oracle
  • Mongo
  • Agile

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