Smart Contracts Engineer(Blockchain)

Smart Contracts Engineer(Blockchain)

ANI Calls India Private Limited
5-10 years
900000 - 1800000 INR

Job Description

Job Description :
Candidate should be able to:
- Collaborate with other backend engineers to provide APIs, libraries, and tools for the community to use to integrate with the platform.
- Bring the platform to blockchain platforms outside of Ethereum such as Matic Network and Arbitron.
- Understand and evaluate security risks and bug bounties.
- Build, debug and integrate with Solidity smart contracts on Ethereum Mainnet to expand the functionality of the platform.
Candidate should have:
- Experience building applications that use Defi technologies such as Uniswap, flash loans, Maker Dao CDPs.
- Solid experience with Solidity and smart contract development.
- At last 5+ years of experience (the more the better) with blockchain platforms, specifically Ethereum or the EVM.
- Knowledge of Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum.
- Open-source contributions and experience interacting with the open-source community.
- Experience with Node.js, TypeScript, Python

Job Details

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