Senior Customer Inventory Manager

Senior Customer Inventory Manager

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about the role
The Senior Customer Inventory Manager (Sr. CIM) is a specialist role based on the Integration Servcies Quote Owner (IS QO) and the Services Implementation Manager (SIM) reporting to the IS Center of Excellence (CoE) manager.
The Senior CIM is expected to use the key base responsibilities of the IS QO and a Service Implementation Manager (SIM) to manage new and organic growth quotes requests as well as maintains and manages all the maintenance inventory of one or more customers that may span across multiple suppliers/partners. Therefore the expected profile of an Senior CIM will need to have experience as inside sales or sales operations with relevant experience in implementation management and partner tools.
The Senior CIM role includes both a presales and post-sales function. The Senior CIM presales function requires interaction with the customer and sales on new and/or organic growth requests in the quote to order (QtO) phase taking on the IS QO function as defined in Appendix A.
The Senior CIM post-sales function includes an implementation and operational focus of the customer hardware and maintenance contracts orders to be traced/tracked for implementation and services renewals similar to the SIM function as defined in Appendix B.
Implementation management includes tracking
  • hardware installation coordination
  • setup/load of equipment and maintenance in our operational tools
  • site commissioning, decommission and/or migration and alignment of data or status in our operational tools
  • alignment to what is billed / invoiced as well as assurance that cost/revenue ratios aligned to the approved commercials of the customer deal.

Integration Services maintenance (vendor branded and cobrand) products will be the primary scope of quotes and inventory that the Senior CIM will manage. The product scope may extend to managed services where there is a resale and maintenance component included, ie. Security IS, MLAN, EAM, IPT, etc.
The Senior CIM can support an existing IS QO, if already assigned for that given customer, and/or lead in selling in a designated region in accordance with an assigned customer list. An example of the level of support will be managing all services quotation requests for the same account and/or driving implementation of new hardware and maintenance orders to bill.
The Senior CIM is expected to investigate and qualify the customer requirements of maintenance requests and document them using the quotation or pricing tools and refine options to be priced. The Senior CIM can provide budgetary quotations for different solutions to help narrowing down solutions which are relevant for the customer.
Quotations built by the Senior CIM are provided either to the account team or direct to the customer, as agreed.
The Senior CIM will provide implementation report status as well as monthly inventory reports to the account team and customer, leveraging operational and/or partner tools to assure devices are under support and/or renewed accordingly to their service contract, and identify those devices becoming end of life or end of support availability so that options can be proposed to the customer.
In order to accomplish this mission, the Senior CIM will be incentivized on a bonus payout or annual pay raise based on a defined sales order target and rebates (if applicable by partner) achievement, with acceptable margin and profitability.
about you
  • adheres to and executes the key responsibilities and accountabilities as defined for the IS QO (see appendix A) for quote to order (QtO) and the SIM (see Appendix B) for the Order to Bill (OtB).

  • assigned/dedicated to at least one or more customers - number of customer assignments will be based on the following factors: of maintenance contract(s) (TCV, number of devices), number of supplier/partners

  • lead and/or support (if there is already an assigned IS QO) on the build of any new or organic growth quote request and manage to customer order taking advantage of any partner promotions available to improve competitive pricing and profitability

  • drives order to bill (OtB) tasks related to implementation of hardware or maintenance services at customer site as per the defined Service Implementation Manager (SIM) (see appendix B)

  • track supplier/partner Purchase Order (PO) creation for any new, organic or maintenance renewal customer order with the CS&O delivery and procurement management teams

  • track and manage all renewals for existing supplier/partner maintenance contracts with monthly status reports to be shared as required with account team, sales and/or customer

  • maintain the commercial terms agreed with the customer (discounts, std. vs. non-std margins approved, C/R % approvals, etc) for every partner / supplier maintenance contract and assure these are applied to new, organic growth or maintenance renewal business

  • assure any new or organic maintenance quotation or pricing request is based on a co-terminus approach (all support ending with same expiration date)

  • maintain a focus to reduce or consolidate, if possible, the number of supplier/partner maintenance contracts so that the inventory can be feasibly managed

  • be able to understand the implications of EoL equipment and identify the required migration product to be offered by that partner

  • during organic growth advise the customer of the correct type of equipment, cards, power cable, etc., which also need to be under maintenance beyond the equipment chassis.

  • manage all communication related to the implementation status and maintenance business of the customer(s) with the account team, sales and/or customer

  • track any partner case management that may impact a renewal or new maintenance opportunity, ie. Relief cases, partner tool issues, with the appropriate team managing global partner program, certifications, and rebate management

  • track and assure GOLD, Clarify and partner data are fully aligned as per the customer MSA and manage any data integrity checks or inventory fixes with the appropriate teams who manage the data input for those corresponding tools.

  • track any decommissions (site closures, tech refresh, takeover) that may impact maintenance contract inventories and global rebate metrics if applicable, and notify the appropriate teams managing partner case/relief requests.

  • track RMA trade-in within the maintenance inventory including unreturned spares as this can impact partner metrics or result in partner penalty fees.

  • track billing/invoicing with the billing team and sales operations to assure revenue recognition and alignment to customer MSA

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