Resident Medical Officer -Reputed Hospital-Delhi-60k

Resident Medical Officer -Reputed Hospital-Delhi-60k

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1 - 4 Years
600000 - 720000 INR

Job Description

To assist in the management of patients and provide back-up support to the consultant.
To manage the critically ill patient pre and post operatively.
To manage and insert arterial lines and central lines if requested.
To assist consultants and nursing staff in the Intensive Care Unit, Theatre recovery area, ward or other areas in the hospital as needed.
The PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT will encompass the assessment, resuscitation and ongoing management of critically ill patients with life-threatening single and multiple organ system failure.
Main duties and responsibilities:
1. Emergency duties:
1.1 To be familiar with the location and use of emergency resuscitation equipment.
1.2 To respond immediately to clinical emergencies within all departments in the hospital and in the absence of a more experienced medical practitioner, lead the resuscitation team during emergency situations.
1.3 In an emergency situation, undertake emergency investigations and procedures in accordance with hospital policies and protocols and/or as directed by the patients consultant.
1.4 The PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT will be competent with Tracheal intubations, intravenous and central line cannulation, defibrilasation and cardio version, providing emergency medication, providing resuscitation inclusive of pacing and pericardiocentesis and care for the patient post resuscitation.
2. Departmental Duties:
2.1 Be present and contactable within the hospital at all times during periods of duty and to provide continuous service in conjunction with other PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTs across the 24 hour period.
2.2 To take personal rounds of all Admitted patients and do regular checks which needs to done during rounds
2.2 To clerk and assess all emergency admissions on the request of the admitting consultant and/or the senior nurse in charge of the ward/hospital.
2.3 To see/treat patients at the request of consultant or nursing staff.
2.4 To liaise with the senior nurse in charge of the ward/s for a nursing handover at least once per day and then as required for updates.
2.5 Detail contemporaneous notes on all patients attended in accordance with best practice for record keeping.
2.6 Respond promptly to the request of consultant medical staff and nursing staff to attend any patient within the hospital, and to initiate or advise on treatment as indicated.
2.7 Evaluate and manage blood product reservations, check blood products received and monitor transfusions.
2.8Undertake specific medical procedures on patients within all departments in the hospital as requested by consultants, or in support of nursing and other clinical staff, for example:
2.9 Check and review blood results as directed by consultant or nursing staff.
2.10 To prescribe medicines to take home in accordance with consultant instructions and/or protocol.
2.11 Before going off duty, ensure an appropriate communication to the incoming PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT specifying any ongoing requirements of individual patients.
2.12 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTs must work within their level of experience and competence and highlight verbally and in writing to the nurse in charge if they are being asked to work outside the level of their competencies.
3. Responsibility to consultants:
3.1 Inform consultants of any changes in the condition of their patients and any emergency procedures undertaken.
3.2 Check for any additional references if advised by treating consultant and inform to referring consultant on the same.
3.2 In a routine situation, initiate requests and treatments with the prior consent of the patient’s consultant.
3.3 In the event of the death of a patient inform the consultant.
3.4 Advise the consultant immediately of any patient who threatens to discharge themselves against medical advice.
3.5 See and examine discharged post-operative patients on request of the consultant.
4. Other duties:
4.1 Dispense drugs from the pharmacy as required as per hospital policy.
4.2 At the request of the senior person in charge of the hospital, to examine a sick or injured member of hospital staff and offer appropriate first aid and or advice in respect of treatment.
5. Administrative duties:
5.1 Comply with the hospitals consent and confidentiality policy.
5.2 Maintain comprehensive notes and treatment records of all patients attended.
5.3 Read, understand and adhere to hospital policies and procedures.
5.4 Write up drug prescriptions as required by consultants in accordance with the hospitals Medicines Management Policy.
5.5 Complete hospital and administrative all documentation as required.
5.6 Ensure correct procedures are carried out in respect of patients discharging themselves, deaths in care and coroners requirements.
6. Health and Safety and Quality Assurance:
6.1 Be familiar, understand and adhere to all Health and Safety regulations including familiarity with the hospital evacuation policy and the PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT role in such an event.
6.2 To comply with hospital Health and Safety Policies at all times.
6.3 Attend in house mandatory training as requested.
6.4 Be aware of the importance of effective customer care and public relations in order to promote the good reputation of the hospital.
6.5 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTs are expected to look smart and presentable at all times and must wear a short sleeved white coat and name badge when attending clinical departments and patients.

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