Mainframe Programmer

Mainframe Programmer

Bee Data Technology Private Limited
2-5 years
Not Specified

Job Description

Provide z/VM technical support for 31 LPARs running z/Linux guests. Diagnosing problems and implementing maintenance as needed.
• Build z/VM lpars and configure the environment for new workloads.
• Upgraded knowledge of Z/VM Lpar.
• Responsible for ongoing maintenance and support of third party products such as Velocity Software, VM: Operator, VM: Director, VM: Spool and FDRPASVM etc.
• Participate in the planning and support for disaster recovery for the z/VM lpars.
• Looking for z/VSE Mainframe Systems Programmer to install, test and implementation of new z/VSE operating systems and other system software.
• Provide mentoring for day-to-day activities while maintaining on-going projects that may include installation, maintenance, testing, debugging, procedural documentation for their areas of expertise.
• Monitoring and tuning of systems software. In-depth knowledge of z/VSE components such as POWER with knowledge on setup/configuration. Detailed knowledge of support products such as z/VPS, VTAM, TCP/IP, PRSM, EPIC DASD and TAPE management, VTS, security, monitoring systems, experience of running z/VSE in both LPAR and under z/VM, etc.
• Experience installing IDMS and CICS is also desired
• Upgrade/maintain additional third-party products
• z/VSE tuning for capacity and throughput
• On-call 24 x 7 rotation for z/VSE support
• Fluent in VSE JCL and ability to advise application teams on JCL issues
• Installation and administration knowledge of ISV and IBM z/VSE software
• Experience with IBM Z hardware and general networking concepts
• Working knowledge of using z/VM including CP and CMS

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