Looking For Team Leaders For International Call Center Call Thanveer

Looking For Team Leaders For International Call Center Call Thanveer

Job Shop
Bengaluru / Bangalore
2 - 6 Years
200000 - 450000 INR

Job Description

TheTeamLeader is primarily responsible for supervision and middle level management ofall calling activity in theCRMdivision. Apart from being responsible for ensuring productivity metrics and quality, he/she is also responsible for the individual team's contribution towards achieving company goals and objectives. TheTeamLeader is also responsible forhandling escalations as well as handling calls tomeet the client and/or internal SLAsof the programs.
Superviseassigned team members and ensure client deliverables are met within the established timelines
Responsible for ensuring productivity targets (Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly) are achieved
Create and maintain daily incident reports for all possible scenarios based on historical trends
Conduct daily team meetings, pre and/or post shift
Train, coach, and mentor associates per process requirements
Handle escalation calls on an as needed basis and help associates to learn on-the-job
Remote monitor and side jack with associates to provide real-time coaching and mentoring
Conduct constant 1:1 meetings with associates to provide feedback and motivation
Conduct constant group review meetings to discuss team performance and areas of opportunities and improvement
Maintain and conduct monthly performance review sessions with all associates
Initiate Performance Improvement Plan for associates where necessary and provide necessary guidance and coaching to help associates come out of PIP
Do daily call audits to figure out real-time opportunities for areas of improvement
Recognize top performers in the team and assign additional responsibilities to such individuals
Manage attrition by developing a good, positive working relationship with the associates
Groom associates to become Team Leaders and continually provide them opportunities for learning new skills
Be accessible and transparent with all associates
Actively participate in team meetings with constructive feedback and suggestions
Facilitate & contribute in the training process towards continuous education programs
Should be willing to travel to our satellite centers for any new assignments at any point in time
Track individual effort/output and provide feedback wherever necessary to the team towards constant improvement.
Provide necessary on-the-floor training to team as deemed necessary
Contribute in developing tools for efficient production management
Ensure safe handling of systems and equipment provided
Exercise tact, patience and professionalism at all times in responding to customers regardless of issue or customer demeanor.
Ensure accurate collection of data from the customer in order to simplify verification procedures
Ensure building up of a good image for the company by following proper work ethics

About Job Shop

Job Shop at a glance
Today’s business world is dynamic and due to the advent of new technology, chance for growth of the potential companies is immense. In such a scenario, Human Resource Management has come up as one of the biggest and significant aspects for any company. Managing the human power properly, hiring potential and fresh people and providing them quality training – are the most important things for a company. Job Shop is a Human Resource management and recruitment service provider, having vast expertise in the field.

Have a sneak peek on the following highlighted parts of our HR based services:
• Turnkey solutions, based on advertising
• Resume management services
• Employee Benefit survey
• Gap Analysis
• Compensation Survey
• Performance management
• Competency Mapping
• Construction of HR manuals or policies
• Incentive Scheme Design

Corporate Profile

Job Shop Human Resource is an Indian based recruitment agency that provides job placement services to companies of all sizes, ranging from SMEs to MNCs. Our services include recruitment, hiring and staffing solutions for clients across India. Job Shop is one of the high professional recruitment agencies in India. We strive to work with the finest employers of IT / ITES / BPO, Banking, Customer & Technical Service, E.Com etc. to realize our vision. We leave no stone unturned hiring the best employees on offer. We conduct interviews and narrow the choices down to the ideal employees so that your organization only has the best to choose from. It takes certain kind of character traits to make it to the corporate world. The desire to excel and a commitment for excellence are found in individuals that possess the drive to exceed their own limit in their effort to place their Organization at the top of the pack. Identifying the shiny needle amidst brittle job hopefuls takes time and resources most organizations cannot afford to spend in a time crunch. This is where Job Shop career comes in.

Why Job Shop

Our dedication to pick the best employees for your organization ensures best performers in the industry. Each viable candidate is put through a thorough screening process which takes their background, work ethic, etc into account. You will always have an opportunity to hire the best from the job desirers we choose.

Result-Oriented Candidates for your Employee Pool
Job Shop has always given top priority to the needs of its employee clients no matter which industry they hail from. We make sure you always have the best employees gracing your organization so that you never have to complain of low productivity or performance again. Each candidate is chosen with high qualifi cation and dedication when it comes to providing the best staffi ng solutions for your vacancies. Our loyalty to clients ensures best performers to add to your staff.

Our Services

Permanent Placement
Identifying ideal employees in times of crisis becomes more challenging if you’re forced to work against the clock. As a result oriented recruitment agency Job Shop places your employment needs at the forefront of dynamic vision - to ensure applicants we send exceed your required expectations.

Executive Search
Job Shop contributes to the journey by searching for potential employees who can support you in all aspects of work. Our executive recruiters pick the apt candidate for the job you need according to the requirements.

Contract Job
Contract workers support the organization by providing expertise when required. Our executive recruiters will not only find contract employees and make sure the exact requirements are met to fulfill the organization’s future projects.

Temporary Staffing
Our executive recruiter can provide you with the perfect temporary staff to meet the demand for best candidates who are not only highly qualified, but who make the company’s success their top priority. All of the candidates are picked according to strict regulatory criterion to ensure that they make your business