Java Developer

Java Developer

21st Century Talent Services Private Limited
Pune India
4-7 years
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Job Description

Job Description :
Job Description
Who are we looking for
A passionate developer who has a strong working knowledge of OOPS and functional programming principles. Standard Definitions and abbreviations don't entice us that much.
Key skills
• Strong Java and J2EE background., Core Java 8 is mandatory.
• Strong working experience inMulti-Threading,Exception Managementand Use ofCollections.
• Sound knowledge of working withapplication aspects i.e. Caching, Asynchronous APIs, Logging etc.
• Experience with web application frameworks likeSpring Boot or Dropwizard.
• Unit Testing is an everyday affair and hence demands very good unit testing skills using tools likeJunit & TestNG.
• Understanding of relational databases, RESTful services, and build tools likeMaven & Gradle
• Knows what and when to mock and have used frameworks likeMockito/Power mock.
• Understanding of message queuesuch asActiveMQ, Kafka, RabbitMQ.
• Version Control is treated as important as programming skills. Fluent with version control tools likeGit and Bitbucket.
• Exposure toAgile/Scrum, TDDnot in theory but in practice.
• Experience with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Static Code Analysis,Jenkins and SonarQube.
• Willingness to take ownership of the technical solution and ensure technical expectations of deliverables are met.
• Strong communication skills along with the ability to articulate technical designs and concepts.
• Exposure to cloud and containerization would be a plus.
• Hands-on experience in application development in an enterprise setup.
• Have a good Understanding of Distributed Application Architecture.
Developers at Client:
• Believe in writing clean and maintainable code.
• Work with cutting edge technologies like Akka, Docker, Reactive Programming, Functional programming languages and NoSQL databases.
• Are the key technical influence in software architecture decisions.
• Are responsible for technical design and the entire lifecycle of product development.
• Guide, mentor teams and others.
• Are a part of an open office culture which fosters knowledge sharing sessions.
• Work in a collaborative team environment; engage in discussions and team-wide communication such as daily Standups, tech rally, and pair programming refactoring, code review.
• Love participating as a speaker, contributing to open source projects, writing blogs or articles.
What you will get
• Awesome opportunity to work with Micro Services architecture getting shipped on Cloud.
• Experience in working with automated build deploy powered by Code Analysis, Automated Tests, Functional and Nonfunctional analysis, Blue Green deployment and much more.
• Agile, Lean product development, Collaborative Development, TDD, BDD, SOLID, CI/CD would not be mere words but the true experience for you.
• First-hand experience on broader enterprise application concerns like Message Bus, Queues, Caches, Concurrency and Parallelization.
• Be a part of our product development team.
• Lead a team to develop our next generation products from the ground up.
• Develop your skills in cloud computing, truly scalable applications, and travel domain.
• Be a part of our strategy in the US and India market; bring large online travel business to life.
• Stay on the leading edge of technology and excellence.
• Be part of an environment of excellent people, products, technology, and innovation
• Be part of a flat organization which is open and rich in culture.
• Fall in love with travel, tea and football.
Technical Lead
·Knowledge of software best practices like Refactoring, Clean Code, Domain Driven Design, Encapsulation etc.
·Fundamental understanding of Design Patterns and Design Principles and decision-making ability to use those appropriately.
·Must have art to translate business requirement or product features into high level and low-level design.
·Very good understanding of SOA Architecture and SOLID design principles is a given aspect.
·Exposure and understanding of Micro Services is mandatory.
·Expert knowledge of Domain Modeling (UML) and the ability to communicate it to developers and throughout organization
·Knowledge of No-SQL solutions and technologies, data and computing grids, ‘cloud’ solution Required Skills
Core Java,, Java8, Core java, Java/j2ee, Spring, Spring Boot, Mucroservices, Unit testing, Agile, NoSQL, Multi-Threading, Multi Threading, MultiThreading, Mockito, Junit, TDD

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