Japan's Largest IT company - Rakuten requires IT Engineer,

Japan's Largest IT company - Rakuten requires IT Engineer,

Intercareer Service India Private Limited
3 - 13 Years
3500000 - 9900000 INR

Job Description

Japan's Largest IT company - Rakuten requires IT Engineer,
Japanese language is not required
Candidates should have at least 3 years of experience.
1. Annual salary level: USD 50,000 to USD 1,50,000
2. Qualification Requirements: Minimum University Graduates, 3 Years or More
3. English speaking is a must.
4. Working place: Tokyo, Osaka, etc.
5. Skill sets required are as follows:
i. AI Application Engineer : DSAID
ii. AI Engineer : DSAID
iii. Android Application Engineer (Digital Out-of-Home) : DOOH
iv. API Development Engineer(Global Rakuten Ichiba API) Middle : ECRD
v. API Engineer (Travel)TID
vi. Application Engineer - Blog
vii. Application Engineer (Machine Learning Group): BDD
viii. Application Engineer : DSAID
ix. Architect Engineer (Order Management System) : ECLD
x. Backend / API Software Engineer (Search Platform) : BDD
xi. Backend Developer (EC Marketplace Consumer Service) : ECMD
xii. Backend Engineer (Data Science Service Group) : DSAID
xiii. Back-End Engineer (Rakuten Drone) : ISDD
xiv. Bigdata Engineer - Advertising Business (Global Ad Technology Supervisory Department): GATD
xv. Data Engineer
xvi. Data Engineer (Analytics Platform Service) Middle/Senior Class: BDD
xvii. Data Science Engineer
xviii. Data Scientist : RIT
xix. Delivery Service Mobile Engineer (Rakuten Drone) : ISDD
xx. DevOps Engineer - Digital Reading
xxi. DevOps Engineer (ONE App Team) - Software Services Enablement Department:SSED
xxii. DevOps Engineer (Rakuten for Business) :ESD
xxiii. DevOps Engineer (Standardization Section) : ESD
xxiv. DevOps Engineer : DSAID
xxv. DevOps Manager - Digital Reading
xxvi. DevOps Site Reliability (Rakuten Super Point) : ESD
xxvii. Email Deliverability Engineer (Digital Marketing Messaging Platform) : DSAID
xxviii. Engineer - Autocomplete: BDD
xxix. Engineering Leader (Digital Marketing Messaging Platform) : DSAID
xxx. Front-End Engineer (E-Commerce Search) : BDD
xxxi. Front-End Engineer (Platform Engineering Section) : BDD
xxxii. Front-End Engineer (Travel Service):TID
xxxiii. ID Platform Engineer (Java_Membership Service) :ESD
xxxiv. Image Delivery Platform Development Engineer (Contents Delivery Network Group) : CPD
xxxv. Infrastructure DevOps (Data Science Service Group) : DSAID
xxxvi. Infrastructure Engineer (Advanced Computing Platform Group) : CTO Office
xxxvii. iOS Engineer - Media Business Service (Media Properties Section)
xxxviii. Java Developer (EC Platform Engineering) : BDD
xxxix. Machine Learning Researcher: BDD
xl. Mobile Software Engineer (JavaScript / Native Bridge):SSED
xli. Platform Engineering/Operation (Search Section) : BDD
xlii. QA Engineer (Fraud Prevention):ESD
xliii. QA Lead (Travel) : TAD
xliv. Researcher (Applied Behavior Analysis) : RIT
xlv. Researcher (Finance) : RIT
xlvi. Researcher (Health Data) : RIT
xlvii. Researcher (NLP) : RIT
xlviii. Researcher (Power Domain) : RIT
xlix. Researcher (Robotics) : RIT
l. Search Engine Developer (Search Platform) : BDD
li. Security Engineer (DevSecOps) : CSDD
lii. Security Engineer (SIEM Engineer) : CSDD
liii. Senior Architect (Strategy Section / Architecture Group) : ESD
liv. Senior DevOps Engineer - API Technology Section:SSED
lv. Senior Front-End Engineer (Travel)TID
lvi. Senior Java Developer (Rakuten Super Point) : ESD
lvii. Senior QA Engineer (Membership Service Section) : ESD
lviii. Senior Software Engineer - Leisure Product
lix. Senior Software Engineer (API) : DPD
lx. Site Reliability Engineer (Data Solutions Group):CPD
lxi. Site Reliability Engineer (Membership service section) : ESD
lxii. Software Development Engineer in Test (Travel) : TAD
lxiii. Software Engineer - Test Automation (Membership Service Section) : ESD
lxiv. Software Engineer (Data Storage and Processing Section) : CPD
lxv. Software Engineer (Digital Marketing Messaging Platform) : DSAID
lxvi. Software Engineer (Geo Platform) : DPD
lxvii. Software Engineer (Java - Corporate IT Department):CITD
lxviii. Software Engineer (Java_Payments Platform) : ESD
lxix. Software Engineer (Ranking Platform) Osaka branch : ECID
lxx. Software Engineer (Teradata DBA) : DPD
lxxi. Software Engineer/DevOps (Search Platform) : BDD
lxxii. Speech Recognition Engineer : DSAID
lxxiii. SRE Engineer (Application Platform Group) :CPD
lxxiv. SRE(Site Reliability Engineer) Data Engineering Platform:CPD
lxxv. UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) Service Front-End Engineer - Rakuten Drone Service:ISDD
lxxvi. Web application Engineer - Media Service
lxxvii. Web Application Engineer (Rakuten Ichiba: Internal business system, Data Platform) : ECBD
lxxviii. Web Application Engineer for BtoC service(Delivery/Car/O2O) Middle Class Osaka branch : ECID
lxxix. Web Application Engineer for Minshu Service - Media Properties Section
lxxx. Web Application Engineer(Rakuten Ichiba Front End) Middle : ECMD

Intercareer Service India Pvt. Ltd.

ICS Global (Inter Career Service) India is a South Korea based consultancy firm having its presence in Japan, USA and India in the field of career consulting and recruitment services located in Gurugram in the Delhi NCR region.

It is consulting various global employment programs for career development and career path development based on local direct / cooperative branches in USA, Vietnam, China, Japan and India.

ICS India is a specialized agency for the training of frontier manpower having run various government, private and university projects such as overseas employment, overseas field work, overseas workforce dispatch, overseas IT agency, providing services to major countries such as USA , India and Japan.

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