Instrument Supervisor

Instrument Supervisor

Gulf Visa International
3 - 13 Years
1030000 - 8050000 INR

Job Description


  • To ensure Quality maintenance activities like IPF testing, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of instrumentation equipment as per the plan or otherwise necessary.
  • Supervise and also perform corrective preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance and IPF tests on field instruments like smart pressure transmitters, positioners for control valves, vibration monitoring systems, DCS, Fire and Gas System, ESD system.
  • Ensure that technicians follow company procedures, work instructions, IPF protocols and vendor instruction manuals when executing maintenance activities.
  • Apply the approved standards and best practices to ensure the reliability and integrity of instruments and instrument systems.
  • Participate in shutdown maintenance and in house project implementation.
  • To oversee maintenance activities carried out by technicians and provide technical support
  • Ensure that work is carried out in accordance with complex HSE policy and procedures.
  • Report or escalate support requirements to Senior Supervisor / area maintenance coordinator and collaborate with Discipline Engineer and other departments.
  • On completion of Maintenance activities, ensure that all work history with necessary details and data is entered into the CMMS system.
  • Use required test instruments like multimetre / simulators / communicator / dead weight to carry out maintenance activities.

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