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Contract Manager

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15 - 20 Years
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Job Description

1. Must serve as the point of contact for Clients/ Customers, Sub-Contractors and other external agencies on contractual matters. Act as a contractual middleman between company employees and external agencies, ensuring timely review and approval / reconciliation of variations.
2. Responsible to go through the whole contract carefully and must prepare a project execution report perceiving every instance where there is a requirement, such as type of contract; level of risk associated with the contract; contract value and complexity of services; length of contract, period of performance, and/or delivery requirements; procurement history of the supplies or services required and expertise of the contractor; urgency of delivery schedule; prior experience with the contractor; any special or unusual contract requirements, any special or unusual payment etc...before submission of the original contract for signature of the authorized signatory.
3. On all standard and non-standard contracts, if any amendments need to be made, provide redlined recommendations to the reporting authority and often negotiate directly with our Client's attorneys or concerned personnel until consensus has been reached. This process must be completed before submission of the original contract for signature of the authorized signatory.
4. Maintain contractual records and documentations, such as receipt and control of all contract correspondence, Client contact information sheets, contractual changes, status reports and other documents for all projects. Ensure documentation of significant events and must maintain appropriate records.
5. As needed, must provide guidance on contract matters to Projects team, including training to new Project personnel and other employees in contracting procedures. Must provide necessary assistance in implementation of project execution plans to Project Managers, project team members and sub-contractors.
6. Develop and implement procedures for contract management and administration in compliance with Company Policy. As appropriate, contribute to or influence company policies through the proper channel.
7. Must ensure that the progress of all the Projects is in accordance with the contract terms, to ensure timely delivery of finished products. Equally, responsible to monitor compliance by the Company employees with the established contract terms and conditions. Any unacceptable level of deviation noticed, must be intimated to the concerned officials, especially if the non-performance as per the contract terms may trigger service penalties and, depending on its seriousness, must provide necessary escalation. Each event should be fully recorded and, once resolved, investigated and action taken to prevent any reoccurrence in future.
8. Must co-ordinate with concerned Dept. for contractual insurance requirements, if any.
9. Ensures that the procedures and documents are in accordance with IMS requirements and must organize development training in co-ordination with HR Dept.
10. Responsible to work with finance to ensure adherence to broader finance and risk requirements such as revenue recognition, pricing and discounting policies, and so on. May include financial engineering and understanding / evaluating the economic impact of terms and term options.
11. Must provide necessary support to Marketing / Sales Dept. personnel to ensure that the Company products and services are offered with appropriate, competitive terms and conditions.
12. Responsible to monitor competitive terms and must ensure Client/ Customer satisfaction with our terms and conditions and contracting practices. Must recommend changes, if required.
13. Must ensure that signed contracts are communicated to all relevant parties and Dept. personnel to provide contract visibility and awareness, interpretation to support implementation and on the same time must limit access to the contracts, only to those who need it.
14. Responsible to handle on-going contractual issues and needs to monitor transaction compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing and so on). Equally responsible to monitor that invoicing procedures are in accordance with the contract terms and must follow up to get the payment certificate from the Client/Customer, to ensure timely payment. Any deviation noticed, must be intimated to all concerned and the reporting authority, especially if significant deliverables have been tied to the payment schedule.
15. Must ensure timely preparation of variation claims, oversee service level agreement compliance, ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal and responsible to finalize the variation claims before finalization of the Project accounts.
16. Holistic responsibility for the contracting process (pre and post award) and must resolve disputes in a timely manner, and must act as an arbitrator, as and when required.
17. During the award of each Project, an orientation meeting to be arranged internally with those Dept. personnel involved directly in the contract administration process, to ensure a clear understanding of all requirements of contract performance. This meeting will serve as an excellent tool to clarify and resolve the potential misunderstandings, if any; and to make sure that all the concerned Dept. personnel are fully aware of the contract requirements.
18. Must be responsible to prepare the minutes of each meeting (both external and internal) for the contract file which details the topics covered. The minutes should include areas requiring resolution, a list of participants, and in particular, those individuals assigned responsibilities for further action and the due dates for those actions. Copies of the meeting minutes should be distributed to all conference participants and must forward a copy of the same to the reporting authority.
19. Responsible to design the sub-contract agreements and must ensure that both the parties agree on the performance requirements and the administrative procedures applicable under the terms of the contract. Must analyze the sub-contractors terms and conditions for various risks such as ambiguities, conflicts or deviations from the scope of work.
20. A post award conference meeting with the sub-contractor to be arranged and the rights and obligations of both the parties and the sub-contractor performance evaluation procedures should be summarized. It should be explained in detail that the sub-contractor will be evaluated on their performance both during and at the conclusion of the sub-contract agreement and that such information may be considered in the selection of future contracts. Minutes to be recorded.
21. Potential sub-contract agreement problem areas and possible solutions should be addressed in the same meeting. Any issues or contract areas that we believe may lead to a problem later on, or may be subject to differing interpretations, should be discussed.
22. Invoicing requirements and payment procedures should be discussed and documented, especially if the payment will be made according to the milestones achieved by the sub-contractor.
23. Monitoring the sub-contractor's progress and performance to ensure that their services conform to the contract requirements and if any deviations noticed, must be intimated to the concerned officials. If performance monitoring indicates an unacceptable level of non-compliance then immediate corrective action to be advised to the Project team.
24. Monitoring sub-contractor activities on a specified frequency to identify problem areas.
25. Schedule meetings with the sub-contractor on a regular basis to review progress, discuss problems and consider necessary changes. The rights and obligations of both parties and the sub-contractor performance evaluation procedures should be summarized.
26. If Project Manager indicates any un-acceptable level of non-compliance, then immediate corrective action to be advised to the Project team. In this regard, a close liaison to be maintained with the respective Project Manager.
27. Again, must co-ordinate with the Finance Dept. for timely release of payments consistent with the sub-contract agreement, especially if significant deliverables have been tied to the payment schedule.
28. Must have strong commercial awareness, an inquisitive probing approach and an inclination to assume the worst in order to flush out risk. However, to really add value, must identify possible downfalls and on the same time must come up with creative solutions to enable work to go ahead, albeit with less risk.
29. Must submit weekly and monthly contract and sub- contract performance reports to the reporting authority for his approval.
30. Develop the objectives/goals of each team members, assign individual responsibilities, oversee their performance, promote co-operation & team work and leads by example. Must ensure that the whole contracting process and related documentations are complying with IMS requirements.
31. Co-ordinates with other concerned departments regarding any related activities.
32. Final sign-off on any contractual documents (other than the original Contracts/ Sub-contract Agreements) released by the Contracts Department, in discussion with the reporting authority.
33. Maintains good relationships with internal functional groups and external agencies.
34. Additionally responsibilities if any will be informed by Management from Time to Time.

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