Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Hospice Manager

Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Hospice Manager

Shradha Cancer Care Trust
10 - 20 Years
900000 - 1200000 INR

Job Description

Position Title
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
(also called Hospice Manager)
Reporting to
Board of Trustees, Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer
Management / Operations
Ganga Prem Hospice, Raiwala (Rishikesh)
Gross Annual Salary (INR)
INR 9,00,000 – 12,00,000 per annum
Job Purpose
Overall management and continuous improvement of the operations and administrative activities of Ganga Prem Hospice (GPH), both on- and off-campus
Important Guidelines for Applicants

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume must be in MS Word or PDF format. Scanned copy or .jpg are not permitted;
  • CV should be completely up-to-date and in grammatically correct English language;
  • Stated request: CV should mention details of at least 03 (three) referees, 02 of which should be from previous places of work;
  • Cover Letter/ Statement of Interest must be included with the CV; 
  • The selection process is multi-staged and the timelines of the different stages are at the discretion of GPH Management; 
  • Applications on job portal(s) without CV in prescribed format will be rejected;
  • For more information about us, please visit;
  • Please read this Job Description (posting) thoroughly before applying.

Educational Qualifications
  • 10+2 from reputed and recognised school;
  • Post Graduate Degree mandatory in any stream from recognised University / Institute; (Management / Operations degrees preferred); 
  • Experience with reputed hospital / hospice / multinational organisation preferred;
  • Computer proficiency mandatory with familiarity of email and data management and commonly used packages like MS Word, Power Point and Excel etc.

Experience (years and nature)
  • Minimum 10-15 years of leadership and managerial experience in a hospice, hospital, hospitality or multinational environment (with Profit & Loss responsibility for at least 5 years); 
  • Experience in senior positions in non-profit organisations / NGOs preferred 

Role Requirements
  • Exceptional management skills and aptitude, and hands-on leadership experience;
  • Excellent command over written and spoken English and Hindi languages;
  • Excellent report-writing and reviewing skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent situational awareness and sensitivity;
  • Complete willingness to work as per hospice work hours / schedule and stretch, if needed, for brief periods of time;
  • Experience in medical institutions and palliative care preferred (but not mandatory unless specified by Management);
  • Ability to work with MS Office and other hospice systems

JOB DUTIES (including, but not limited to)

Planning – Contribute to development of Annual Operating Plan (AOP) with monthly activities, events, compliances, material requirements etc.

Patient Service
  • Contribute (via documentation) to continuous improvement in patient care standards pertaining to patients’ experience with medical, administrative and other staff of the hospice;
  • Coach / train the hospice staff on conducting pleasant patient and caregiver interactions;
  • Monthly review of the ‘Patient / Carer Feedback Record’ and report items to highlight, via MIS, to the Management
Patient / Staff Grievances
  • Contribute Develop a mechanism and SOP for recording, evaluating and resolving any complaints and / or suggestion received at the hospice;
  • Tag legacy issues, urgent, high priority, repeat complaints / suggestions and report to the Management via MIS (even if it’s a ‘nil’ report);
  • Lead the implementation of corrective action measures and plans with complete documentation and reporting to the Management via MIS 
Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)
  • Enhance the hospice’s green credentials by maintaining it as a ‘green-building’ and facility;
  • Adopt new and modern measures and technology to bring in new aspects of eco-friendliness – such as moving towards more reliance on solar power, training of staff at regular intervals on recycling, waste management, waste segregation, waste-minimisation, and composting;
  • Maintain very strict control on safe disposal of bio-hazardous and hazardous waste according to government guidelines and standards;
  • Facilitate periodic internal and external SHE audits and lead the effort to implement the recommendations;
  • Ensure that the fire safety equipment, patient elevator, generator sets, hospice vehicles and other items is kept in perfect condition and the maintenance log is up to date at any given point in time
Facility Management
  • Monthly reporting, via Management Information System (MIS), to the Management on ‘closed’, ‘open / overdue’ and ‘new’ maintenance issues in the month;
  • Weekly review of facility-wide ‘Maintenance Issues Log’ (civil, electrical, plumbing, others) to ensure resolution as per the agreed service level agreements (SLAs);
  • Ensure Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are in place, where needed, and that maintenance in performed timely with adequate documentation
Kitchen Hygiene / Menu Planning
  • Maintenance of housekeeping and hygiene standards is one of the most important KRAs of this profile;
  • Completely responsible for availability of sufficient supplies of groceries and other kitchen items for up to two (02) weeks (contingency planning is one of the most important KRAs of this profile);
  • Ensure proper recording of purchased and donated grocery and other items with accurate details of quantity, value / price and remarks, if needed
Logistics / Transportation
  • Overall responsibility for preparation of and adherence to the transportation roster(s) in terms of timeliness and discipline;
  • Prepare and ensure adherence with the ‘Vehicle Maintenance Register’;
  • Ensure vehicles’ and drivers’ documents are complete and up to date including evidence of users’ signatures and Administrative Assistant’s review on the logbook;
  • Drive ongoing efforts to reduce transportation expenses through optimal planning and execution and vehicle maintenance
Stock Management
  • Prepare monthly Material Requirement Plan across categories of items (fixed assets, medical assets, kitchen assets and groceries and other miscellaneous items);
  • Review and signoff of hospice inventory records and reports;
  • Implement continuous improvement measures toward reduction of prices, wastage, losses, pilferages (if any)
  • Ensure maintenance of applicable licenses and certificates issued by regulatory authorities;
  • Ensure that the ‘Compliance Register’ is kept up to date and necessary additions are made when required;
  • Immediate notification to the Management in the event of regulatory non-compliance / notice(s) received, along with the suggested remedial action plan 
  • Contribute to planning the ‘Annual Audit Calendar’ and facilitation of audits;
  • Provide own department’s and consolidate other departments’ responses to audit queries and observations;
  • Drive implementation of audit recommendations and report progress to the Management on a monthly basis via MIS;
  • Ensure that the audits are conducted as per the audit calendar and completed in a timely manner
Internal Processes
  • Identify the need of new and additional Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and contribute to their development;
  • Observe, document and report exceptions noted during internal reviews to the Management via monthly MIS
Publicity/ Outreach/ Public Relations/ Networking –
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively with donors (big and small), and volunteers; 
  • Observe, Identify and meet (with a Management personnel, if required) with local / regional press representatives to improve awareness about the hospice and its activities;
  • Identify and liaison with associates such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, chemists, grocery stores, regular donors and volunteers facilitate ongoing / one-off publicity, awareness and event campaigns
Cash Management
  • Overall responsibility of year-on-year and month-on-month expense optimisation; 
  • Review the monthly reconciliation of opening balance, monthly expenditure and closing balance);
  • Ensure adherence to the approved Delegation of Authority (DoA)
  • Contribute to preparation of ‘Annual / Monthly Budget’ for cash and other expenses and ensure strict adherence to the approved budget;
  • Review, identify and report budgetary variances to the Management along with specific reasons and remedial plan
Management Information System (MIS)
  • Develop an MIS framework that contains the details of the various management reports that need to be prepared across the hospice;
  • Ensure that all MIS reports are prepared, reviewed and shared with the Management in a timely and complete manner (as per the ‘Activity Calendar’ and other internal schedules); 
  • Conduct planned and surprise reviews of MIS reports prepared by the hospice departments
Manpower Planning & Staffing
  • Contribute to / recommend the ‘Annual Manpower Plan’ for the hospice and participate in the selection process as requested by the Management;
  • Ensure that all departments are adequately staffed at any given point of time, unless approved as exception by the Management in written communication
Performance Management
  • Conduct for own department and facilitate for all departments, the annual goal-setting exercise for aligning individual and team goals with hospice goals;
  • Conduct performance reviews of all direct reports and finalise their performance ratings as per HR guidelines; 
  • Provide performance-related feedback to HR and the Management to enable confirmation of on-probation staff)
Employee Engagement
  • Liaise with functional heads for resolution of cross-functional issues and improvement of internal communication and efficiency;
  • Ensure that the ‘Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey’ is completed by the entire hospice staff 
Training & Development
  • Provide annual and interim Training & Development (T&D) requirements of the hospice to HR and ensure that adequate training is received by all departments (especially one’s own);
  • Conduct at least two (02) T&D programmes in a year for the all or a specific set of hospice employees
  • Ensure that all resident staff, resident volunteers and guests receive proper hospitality as prescribed by the Management;
  • Lead the implementation efforts of ‘at least’ two (02) improvement drives / plans at the hospice in a calendar year;
  • Maintain positive, cordial relations with local administration personnel and other stakeholders (individuals and groups);
  • Identify new, potential donors and sponsors for the hospice
Inter-departmental Interactions
  • One-on-one relationship with all functional heads of departments;
  • Good, cordial relationship with the entire hospice staff as well as volunteers and other associates;
  • Ensure transparent and clear communication of own department with all other departments and remain resolution-oriented at all times
Physical Requirements – Contribute physically, if needed, with movement of patients in and around the hospice

Ganga Prem Hospice is a spiritually orientated, non-profit hospice for terminally ill cancer patients. The Hospice provides medical, social, emotional and spiritual support for patients—and their loved ones—as they face life threatening cancer and all of the challenging circumstances that come with such a diagnosis. The patients are treated in a holistic manner that respects their dignity as individuals and which surrounds them with the best possible care environment.

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