Application Development and Advanced Technology Engineer

Kashish Kumar (proprietor of Small world)
4 - 12 Years
Not Specified

Job Description

Job Description
・ Research and development of algorithms and architecture for systems such as top news, community, live broadcasting, video, and advertising
・ Supports data and requests to ensure accurate recommendation of related products
・ Project online and algorithm realization and adjustment
・ Data mining, extraction of entity-entity relationships, n-gram analysis, discovery of new words, discovery of hotspots, word segmentation
NLP Freon, including software, syntax analysis, synonyms, error correction, knowledge base construction, etc.
Research and development of tier algorithms
・ Applications Apply technologies such as machine learning, NLP, deep learning, etc.
Model large amounts of textual data to unlock potential business value
Eligibility (required)
・ Those who have logical thinking ability and can find valuable rules from a large amount of data.
・ Familiar with programming languages ​​such as Python and java
・ Those who have a deep understanding of data structure and algorithm design
・ Practical knowledge of pyspark, hive work experience, system related experience, and commonly used recommended algorithms
・ Familiarity with related technologies such as large-scale data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and distributed computing, and 5 years or more of work experience
Eligibility (welcome)
-Computer, mathematics, machine learning, statistics, natural language processing or related major, master's or doctoral
・ Reading and writing in English (or Chinese)
The desired person image
・ Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, passion for challenging problems
・ Those with excellent teamwork spirit and strong communication skills
Charm point
・ It is possible to experience cutting-edge technologies overseas including AI
・ Although this is a healthcare business utilizing AI that SoftBank and overseas companies are working on, it is a startup, but it can be involved in a business that is much larger than a normal startup
About this Company

Healthcare Technologies, a new business funded by SoftBank, is promoting an online healthcare consultation service.
Through the app, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we will receive health consultations from users, present countermeasures, and provide information on general medicines.
In the future, we aim to connect users and medical institutions based on the accumulated data and contribute to the promotion of early and stable healthcare.
As many companies participate in online health and medical consultation, we aim to lead the market by making full use of SoftBank's unique funding, business planning, branding and IT technologies.
While online healthcare consulting is a market that can be expected to grow further in the future, startups in all areas are at risk of exiting the business.
The company is still a start-up for new businesses, but it has a large base in which SoftBank, a leading domestic company engaged in telecommunications services, has invested.
One of the great attraction is the challenging environment of expanding the business from the early phase while utilising the foundation of a large company.

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