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Job Description
Conversational IVR Business Justification Include Direct report name, brief justification for the request, including any special project info Will primarily be focused on Conversational IVR. Conversational IVR is the next generational IVR to improve Customer experience with a human like conversation with the customer. It will allow customers to speak naturally to the application as if speaking to a human. Conversational IVR has the ability to know what is going on with the customer at any particular moment in the customer journey. This includes linking the conversation to what we know has happened in other channels and integrating with Analytics platforms to provide success issues throughout conversations. Job Description What are the primary functions of this position Architect and Develop the Voice Portal suite of applications for Conversational, A.I, Agile and Cloud. Setup and configure the application servers with the third party products. Analyze and evaluate systems and results to drive business performance metrics and gain in depth understanding of the customer behavior and system inefficiencies. SKILLS Required Skills What skills are required for the candidate to be successful in the position Experience with A.I based BOTs design, development and deployment preferably Google Dialog Flow Experience with Agile Methodologies and tools Experience with building deploying enterprise application on cloud preferably AWS . Setting up quick prototypes solutions using freeware and 3rd party software. Application deployment using tools such as Jenkins, GIT STASH, RPM etc. Experience with Java, web servers, java script, Unix scripting languages Excellent written verbal communication skills Desired Skills What skills are desired but not critical in the position Good understanding of IVR technologies Very familiar with Databases Preferably a Masters degree in Computer ScienceQualifications

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8th Oct 2018

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