Opportunity for Smalltalk

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Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd
IT/Computers - Software
Bengaluru / Bangalore, Chennai
Years of Experience
3 - 8 years
Posted On
1st Nov 2019

Job Description:


Smalltalk had a large amount of browsers which make the life of programmer very easy.

As well as inspecting object values, you

can also change them. The debugger also has the browsing capabilities of being able to look at senders and

implementers of methods.

Class Library

Smalltalk provides a class library of around

one thousand classes, all of which make life a lot easier and a lot more productive for programmers.

Garbage Collector

One of the features of Smalltalk that makes writing code much easier is the Garbage Collector. When objects

are no longer needed, you don't have to explicitly destroy them as in most other object-oriented languages.

Instead, they are automatically garbage collected when they are no longer referenced by another object. This

garbage collection makes it possible to concentrate on the application problem, not worrying about what will

happen to your objects.

Additional information on Smalltalk:

* Smalltalk is a very pure Object Oriented programming language & easy to learn with understanding of OOPs concepts.

* Transition from Smalltalk to advanced Java programming is easy considering the coding concept is same (only Syntax differences)

* With working on Smalltalk, good knowledge on web services can be acquired since Smalltalk servers interact with third party services

* Chance to acquire good exposure in working with legacy complex application under Insurance domain


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