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Java developer Opening and Vacancy

A Java Developer is someone who is supposed to take care of the programming and development of applications as well as various software using the popular programming language, Java. The job of a Java Developer would entail collaborating with not just web developers but also software engineers to facilitate the integration of Java into different business applications, software and also websites. Being a part of the process from the beginning to the end, a Java Developer should be able to identify and evaluate any sort of issues or problems and also be adroit in coming up with practical and an efficient solution. Other Java Developer duties may involve collating data and detailing out and writing down user requirements. Analysing data coupled with quality assurance testing is also part of the Java Developer’s responsibility. Designing, executing and sustaining Java application phases and at the same time being actively involved in the software and architectural development activities is also part of the applicant’s domain. With a strong knowledge in Java based web services, it would be an added advantage for the candidate to know about relational databases, SQL and ORM. Skills and expertise in J2EE framework will also help the candidate fare better in her/his career.

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