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                                                              Units of study
Introduction & Recent Improvements
Premiere Pro to SpeedGrade CC Direct-Link
CinemaDNG in Premiere Pro CC & SpeedGrade CC
File Formats & Using Prelude for Ingest
The User Interface & Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting Up For Grading
The Importance of the Grading Environment
Broadcast Monitors Do I Need One?
Control Surfaces Do I Need One? (Introduction to Tangent Elements Panels)
Getting Started
Media Tab & Media Layers
The Timeline & Clip Tabs & Working with Multiple Playheads
Importing Edited Sequences
Importing Sequences
Automatic Scene Detection
Basic Color Correction Tools
Playback & Pause Resolutions
The Analysis Tools - Scopes
Getting Started in the Look Tab
Color Wheels Controls - Offset, Gamma, Gain
Alternatives to Using the Color Wheels
Selecting Specific Ranges
Matching/Copying Grades
Tools for Shot Matching
Grading Layers Direct, Extracted & New
Applying Grades from Other Shots
Snapshot Browser
Secondary Adjustments
Making the Selection
An Example
Grading Layer Options
Layer Effects
Creating Custom .Look Files to Apply Directly in Premiere Pro
The Power Of Masks
Creating Your Masks
Tracking Objects & Keyframing Masks
Using Masks Creatively
Additional Tools
Stereoscopic 3D
Keyframing Grades
Pan & Scan Layers
The Render Tab
Rendering Rushes & Exporting Clips as Individual Files from Your Timeline
Tangent Element & Speedgrade Workflow
Bt & Kb Panels 1 Look
Bt & Kb Panels 2 Mask
Bt & Kb Panels 3 Stereo 3D
Tk Panel Grading, Masks and Pan & Scan
Mf Panel Timeline, Grade Ranges & Keyframes
Mf Panel Audio Layers (no panel use) and Pan & Scan Layers