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Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Full-Time
Keywords: Microsoft office | Microsoft access
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Course Detail

Organizing fields in the form
Creating a form with a subform by using wizard
Inserting subforms in the design view
A form as a user interface
This course focuses on the creation of reports, data access pages and macros. You will also learn about the options for database management, for data import and export and also about SQL language.
List of Lessons:
Dependent objects and property inheritance
Creating reports
Reports with calculations
Graphic adjustments in reports
Pivot table and chart
How to work with macros
Matching macros and buttons
Verifying data by means of macros
Evaluating data by means of macros
Print and database documenter
Importing objects and splitting the database
Data export
Automatic import and export
XML Format
Navigation in databases
Database security and administration
SQL language