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Microsoft 70-461: Querying SQL Server 2012

         Getting Started with SQL Server 2012

         Working with T-SQL

         Writing SELECT Queries

         Working with SQL Data Types

         Sorting and Filtering Data

         Querying Data from Multiple Tables

         Modifying Data

         Working with SQL Server Built-in Functions

         Programming in T-SQL

         Implementing Stored Procedures

         Working with Subqueries and Table Expressions

         Working with Set Operators, Conditional Operators, and Window Functions

         Working with PIVOT, UNPIVOT, and Grouping Sets

         Managing Error Handling and Transactions

         Querying SQL Server System


         Optimizing Query Performance


Microsoft 70-462: Administering SQL Server 2012 Databases

         Identifying the SQL Server Platform

         Deploying SQL Server

         Configuring SQL Server

         Managing Databases in SQL Server 2012

         Managing SQL Server Security

         Implementing Advanced Security Settings

         Applying Encryption and Compression

         Working with Indexes and Log Files

         Working with Backup and Restore

         Implementing High Availability

         Optimizing Server Performance

         Troubleshooting Issues and Recovering Databases


         Performing Advanced Database Management Tasks


Microsoft 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2012

         Introduction to Data Warehouse

         Creating Dimensions and Changing Granularity of Dimensions

         Creating Fact Tables and Column Store Indexes

         Implementing Data Warehouse in SQL Server 2012

         Working with Integration Services

         Managing Control Flow

         Working with Dynamic Variables

         Implementing Data Flow

         Managing Data Flow

         Managing SSIS Package Execution

         Debugging and Troubleshooting

         Deploying Packages

         Securing Packages and Databases

                  Working with MDS and Windows

MS 70-466: Implementing Data Models & Reports with SQL Server 2012


         Introduction To Business Intelligence And Data Modeling

         Implementing Reports The SQL Server Reporting Services

         Supporting Self Service Reporting

         Managing Report Execution And Delivery

         Creating Multidimensional Databases

         Working With Cubes And Dimensions

         Working With Measures And Measure Groups

         Introduction To MDX

         Customizing Cube Functionality

         Implementing A Tabular Data Model

         Introduction To DAX

         Implementing An Analysis Services Tabular Data Model

         SQL Analysis Services

         Creating Data Visualizations With Power View

         Supporting Self Service Reporting

         Performing Predictive Analysis With Data Mining


         Predictive Analytics


Microsoft 70-467: Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2012

         Intro To Business Intelligence

         Database Essentials

         Business Intelligence Development

         Business Intelligence Results

         Advanced Reporting And Development

         SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

         SQL Server 2014 New Features

          Course Review And Exam Prep