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                                                            Units of study
Let's Start At The Beginning
Taking Notes
The Desktop
Organising the Desktop
Files & Folders
Menu bar: Introduction, Closing the Computer and Force Quitting
Menu Bar: Other Stuff in the Apple icon
Menu Bar: Shortcuts and Special keys
Menu Bar: Top Right Icons and Date & Time
The Dock: Basics
The Dock: Adding, Removing & Organising Apps
The Dock: Trash
WORKSHEET - Where is Your Time Going? An eye opening journey into your beliefs.
Desk Yoga
Basically Advanced
Instrument vs Machine
Spotlight Overview and Privacy
Spotlight Speed and Secret Ways to Use It
Applications Opening Apps and Scrolling Through Them
Applications Quitting Apps
Playing With Windows
Dashboard: Clocks and Convertors
Dashboard: Words, Widgets and More
Mission Control: What is it? Ways to Access it
Mission Control: Multiple Desktops
Seeing The Desktop
Filetypes: Drives
Specific Files
WORKSHEET - Playing Your Computer Like a Musical Instrument
Healthy Technology Boundaries
Finder: Setting Up Your Data Workshop
Organising Data
Finder: Setting up the Workshop
Finder: Setting up the workshop 2
Finder: Getting to know the workshop
Finder: Cool things about column view
PowerTool: Finder in the Dock
Finder: Saving files and finding them again
Finder: Advanced file selecting
Finder: Advanced Filing
Finder: Moving Masses of Files in Finder
WORKSHEET - The Big Data Move
Feelings About Data
System preferences 1 - Getting Everything Just So
Focus & Safety
System Preferences: How to access
Preparing for time Machine
Formatting an HDD (Hard Drive)
Using Time Machine
System Preferences: Security & Privacy
System Preferences: Privacy on your Mac
System Preferences: Users and Groups
System Preferences: Notifications Quieting Down the noise
System Preferences: Notification Center
System Preferences: Notification center Secret Trick
System Preferences: Screen saver
System Preferences: Hot Corners
System Preferences: Energy Saver
WORKSHEET - Reduce Distraction & Get Focused
Safe & Quiet
System Preferences 2 - The Final Set Up
Half Way there
System Preferences: The Keyboard
System Preferences: Setting up the Mouse
System Preferences: Trackpad Setting up correctly
System Preferences: Displays scale to make everything bigger
System Preferences: Accessibility for those with short sightedness and hearing
System Preferences: Cds and DVDs (or which apps automatically open files)
3 Ways to Open Files in other applications
System Preferences: Sound
System Preferences: Wifi
System Preferences: App Store
WORKSHEET - Feeling Good With Your Computer
The Middle Way
Syncing and Organising
Introduction and Calenders
iCloud: Setting Up
iCloud: Altering Your Account
DATASHEET - The Cloud and iCloud
Mail, Contacts & Calendars
Calendar: Setting Up the Environment
Calendar: Events
Calendar: Different Calendars
Calendar: Creating Calendars in Google Calendar
Calendar: Navigating quickly
Reminders: How to Use
Structure & Flow
Socially Ready Contacts and Mail
Contacts Overview
Contacts Creating, Editing and Changing the Template
Contacts Groups
Contacts Smart Groups
Mail Setting Up
Mail Creating an Email
Mail Pimping up Emails
Mail Creating an Email Extra
Mail Grouping Emails
WORKSHEET - Sorting Those Emails Once and For All
Mail Using Gmail to Send Multiple Email Addresses
Listen Up! iTunes
Contacts Overview
iTunes: Introduction
iTunes Getting to know your way around
iTunes Setting it up just right
iTunes Adding and Deleting Music
iTunes Playing Music
iTunes Organising Music
iTunes The Mini Player
iTunes Playlists