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Informatica PowerCenter 9.X - An Overview :- Learning Objectives - In this, you will understand overview of PowerCenter covering areas such as the Architecture, Terminology, Tools GUI, Mappings, Transformations, Sessions, Workflows and Workflow Monitor. Topics - Identify different Informatica Products, Describe PowerCenter as a tool to perform Extract transform and load, Interpret PowerCenter Architecture, its different components and their functionalities, Explain the advantages of component based development techniques in PowerCenter.

Curriculum Overview
How to use Informatica PowerCenter tools to create simple ETL jobs. Topics - ETL and ETL Architecture, Flat file and relational Sources using the Source Analyzer, Flat file and relational Targets using the Target Developer, Mappings using the Mapping Designer, Workflows using the Workflow Designer, Monitor the workflow using the Workflow Monitor, Preview Target Data using the PowerCenter Designer.
Area Of Studies
Informatica PowerCenter Designer :- Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about different development units of PowerCenter and how they can be used to create a simple mapping. Topics - Describe & Visualize PowerCenter Designer, Explain how to create mapping in Designer, Explain different Transformations & their usage.
Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager & Monitor :- Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about two more development units of Informatica PowerCenter namely Workflow manager & monitor and how are they used to create different tasks and workflow. Topics - Understand PowerCenter Workflow Manager, Describe Flow within a Workflow, Describe Re-usability & Scheduling in Workflow Manager, Understand components of Workflow Monitor, Understand Workflow Task and job handling.
Advanced Transformation Techniques :- Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Advanced Transformation techniques that will equip you to deal with advanced concepts of PowerCenter transformations like, Java, XML etc as well as the re-usability features of PowerCenter.Topics - Understand the advanced features & functions of Transformations, Learn about Java Transformation, XML File handling, Learn to use Normalizer Transformation, Learn some advanced concepts of ETL, Learn about reusable objects in Informatica.
Parameters & Variables :- Learning Objectives - In this module,you will learn that parameters and variables are a way to achieve re-usability from PowerCenter. This module will deal with the scope and use of Parameters & Variables.Topics - Understand different Parameters and Variables used in PowerCenter, Describe Mapping Parameter & Variables, Learn to use Session Parameters, Learn to use Workflow Variables.
Debugging Troubleshooting Error Handling & Recovery :- Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the operational part of the PowerCenter. This module will help you understand the features provided by Informatica to debug, troubleshoot & handle errors. The concepts of recovery will also be discussed.Topics - Describe basic PowerCenter Error, Follow a basic troubleshooting methodology, Using the debugger, Use Workflow and Session logs to diagnose errors, Recognize & repair, Connection Errors & Network errors, Design Error Handling Strategies for intended purpose, Understand the recovery scenarios & mechanisms, Properly Configure Workflow & sessions for recovery, Understand the purpose of High Availability, Monitoring the PowerCenter Environment.
Caches :- Learning Objectives - Caches play important part of any application. This module will help you understand the implementation of Cache by Informatica and how can they be used to accomplish performance efficient ETL jobs. The pros & cons will be covered.Topics - Understand the session cache, Describe when and why cache is created, Implement session cache, Learn to calculate cache requirement.
Performance Tuning & Optimization :- Learning Objectives - The most important concept for any application. Superior performance wins the race everywhere.This module will enlighten the performance aspects of Informatica PowerCenter components and the efficient usage of them.Topics - Control how PowerCenter uses memory, Control how PowerCenter uses CPUs, Understand the performance counters, Isolate source, target and engine bottlenecks, Tune different types of bottlenecks, Configure Workflow and Session on Grid.
PowerCenter Repository Manager :- Learning Objectives - More of a Administrators job. This module will tell you about the usage and components of PowerCenter Repository Manager.Topics - Recognize and explain the functionalities of the Repository Manager tool, Describe how to create and delete folders using the Repository Manager tool, Illustrate how to migrate components using Repository Manager tool.
Informatica Administration Console & Security :- Learning Objectives - At the completion of this module, you should be able to:Put in your own words an overview of the PowerCenter Administration Console, Recognize and explain integration and repository service properties. Identify how to handle services In the Administration Console, Explain how to handle locks through the Administration Console, and Illustrate how to create users and groups.Topics - Put in your own words an overview of the PowerCenter Administration Console, Recognize and explain the integration and repository service properties, Identify how to handle services in the Administration Console, Explain how to handle locks through the Administration Console, Illustrate how to create users and groups.
Informatica 9.X - Technical Architecture :- Learning Objectives - The technical architecture module has been carefully knitted to give you the detailed coverage of the architectural aspects of Informatica as a whole and PowerCenter in particular.Topics - Understand Informatica 9.X Architecture, Describe the Application services related to PowerCenter and their related processes, Understand buffer memory, Describe Connectivity among the tolls, Describe Connection pooling used in PowerCenter.
Informatica Installation & Configuration :- Learning Objectives - The installation and configuration process along with regular Administration and Operational jobs. The module is most suited for the persons interested into the architectural components of Informatica.Topics - Step by step installation process, Configuration of different Informatica PC components and their set up, Backup and recovery, Operational procedures.
Command line utilities :- Learning Objectives - This module will deal with Command line part of Informatica PC. The usage of most frequently used command line tools and their benefits will be discussedTopics - Informatica frequently used commands, pmrep, pmcmd, infacmd, infasetup.
ETL Scenarios using Informatica :- Learning Objectives - This module will deal with different day to day ETL scenarios and their implementation in Informatica PC.Topics - SCD, XML Processing, Flat file handling, Different Transformations, For loop implementations in PC, Partitioning, Pushdown optimization, Constraint based loading, Incremental Aggregation.
Best Practices & Velocity Methodologies :- Learning Objectives - The excerpt from best practices from Informatica Velocity methodologies will help you understand the efficient way of using different Informatica PC components effectively and efficiently. Topics - ETL best practices using Informatica, Development Techniques, Error Handling, Data Migration, Performance Tuning.
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4. Mainframe developers and Architects.
5. Individual Contributors in the field of Enterprise Business Intelligence
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Informatica Training at edureka was extensive. It was well planned and well executed. The trainer as well versed with the technology. The assignments were of good mixture. Overall a good experience.
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Very good learning experience. Training staff are really experienced. 24X7 Support is excellent,get response instantly. You can learn new advanced technologies from home with real-time scenarios. Easy for IT professionals to shift technologies. Great Edureka!!!
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I love Edureka's Informatica course because of the practical approach and support.
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I have very great experience of the Informatica PowerCenter 9.X Developer & Admin training at Edureka. Instructor was a professional trainer with the good practical experience.
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I have taken two courses (Informatica and Teradata) through Edureka. I think this is best online training platform that I had ever taken. I am very happy for getting trained from EDUREKA. The overall course is very much organized (Awesome). All the labs were on real time solution. After the training, I was confident to pursue my career in informatica and with a month I got a full time opportunity as a informatica developer. There was separate interview preparation session which really helps me to crack the informatica interview. Next, I am planning to take Big Data class. My overall experience with the edureka was awesome. I highly recommend everyone to join Edureka whoever is interested in learning online.
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