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Keywords: HTML5 GAMES
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                                                   UNITS OF STUDY
Introduction to Construct 2
Introduction to the course. Welcome!
Introduction To the program we will be using
General Interface
Insert A Sprite
Sprite Properties
Adding Movement To A Sprite
Adding borders
Edge and origin
Modifying The 8 Direction Layout
Learn how to scroll to a sprite
Adding a background
Adding Layers
Adding text to your game
Snapping To The Grid
Setting the sprite size
Learning more about events
How to rotate your sprite
How to rotate your sprite with an event
Rotate to an angle
How to set an angle
How to shake the camera
Setting opacity with events
Setting isVisible With Events
Destroy An Object With An Event
How To Spawn An Object And Basic Bullet Use
Bullets Part 2
Destroying The Particle
Setting The Projectile's Origin
Rotate Towards Mouseclick
Move Sprite Towards Mouseclick
Introduction To Variables
Implementing Variables Rotate Sprite To Mouse
Speed Run: How To Implement Everything
How To Pin Objects To Other Objects
Making Objects Solid
Collision Masks And Solid Objects
How To Use Wordwrap
Adding Car Properties To Your Sprite
How To Make A Heads Up Display (HUD)
Paralax Scrolling
Hiding Layers On Demand
More Layer Properties
How To Move To Co Ordinates And Objects
How To Move Layers
How To Change The Background Color
Changing The Background Color
Adding A Spotlight Effect
Adding Text Boxes
Adding Buttons To Your Game
Changing Text With Buttons
Append Text Feature
Adding A Variable To Your Textbox
Constantly Update Your Textbox With Text
Adding Sound To Your Game
Thoughts About Making An Easy Game
Thoughts On Making An Easy Game Part 2
Making An Easy Game Part 3
Finishing The Easy Game Part 4
Recap On What We Have Done So Far
Simple Physics
Add Spawning And Collision
Physics Properties
Applying A Force To A Physical Object
Applying A Force To An Angle
Applying A Force To A Position
Applying A Velocity
Adding Torque To Your Object
Adding Angular Velocity To Your Object
Applying Torque Towards An Angle
Applying Torque Towards A Positioin
How To Create A Revolute Joint
How To Make A Scrolling Background
Making A Simple Platformer
Making The Camera Follow The Player
Platformer Properties
Making A Platformer And Rapid Prototyping
Adding Other Controls To Your Platformer
Making Your Game Full Screen
Switching Gravity In Your Game
Setting Up The First Scene And Addition
Using Subtraction, Multiplication
Modulo Operator
Raise To The Power Of Oporator
Building Strings
Comparison Operators
Logical AND And Logical OR
9 Conversion Expressions Int
Converting Int To String
Conditional Operators
Using The Ceil Expression
Using The Floor Expression
Finding The Length Of A String
Choosing A Random Number
Choosing An Random Number With A Range
Finding The Framerate
Counting Time
Finding The Tickcount
Making A New Line In Your Textbox
Rounding Numbers
Skyward Sword Mechanic Explanation
Creating Facebook and Chrome Store Games from Scratch
Project Goals And Planning
Making A Production Spec
3 Adding The Player Controls
Adding Wall Collisions
Tweaking The Player Controls
Adding A Projectile
Adding Spread Projectiles
8 Adding Debug Features To Your Game
Adding A Beam Part 1
Adding A Beam Part 2
Adding Homing Projectiles
Fixing The Homing Projectile
How To Make Enemies Move
Adding The Projectile Enemy Collision
Adding Spawning Objects
Adding The Random Function To The Timer
Adding A Score Modifier
Adding In Scores And HUD
Adding The Lives To The HUD
Adding The Losing Lives Functionality
Adding The Weapons Type To The HUD
Adding Powerups To Your Game
Adding Points Powerups To The Game
Adding Weapons Select
Adding Beam Powerup
Adding Homing Powerup
Making A Menu
28 Adding Functionality To The Menus
Setting Up A Game Over Screen
Adding Some Game Over Logic
Final Thoughts Of The Game Before Art
Introduction To Adobe Illustrator And Talking...
Making A Simple Scene
Adding Gradients To You Game
Resizing The Image To Fit The Gameplay
Adding Snow To The Mountains
Adding Shadding To The Mountain
Adding Clouds
Adding Some Trees
Fixing The Trees
Adding The Trunks To The Forground Trees
Adding The Canopy To The Trees In The...
Starting Our Bee Character
Continuing The Bee Chracter Part 2
Continuing The Bee Chracter Part 3
Adding More Detial To The Bee
Adding Legs To The Bee
Adding Wings To The Bee
Creating The Wasp Part 2
Adding More Detail To The Wasp
Adding Detail To The Eye
Adding Detail To The Mouth
Adding The Arms
Adding The Wings To The Wasp
Adding Final Detail To The Wasp
Talking About The Text And The Design
Making Powerups
Making The Rest Of The Powerups Part 2
Making The Projectile
62 Making The Beam Weapon Part 1
Making The Beam Weapon's Spark Part 2
Making The Title Screen
Adding Detail To The Title Screen
Finishing The Title Screen
Making The Other Cards And Task Inertia
68 Finishing The Cards
Setting Up The Instruction Screen
Making The Bee Animation
Making The Wasp Animation
Making The Spark Animation
Exporting Images
Setting Up The Instruction Screen
Making The Gameover Screen
Setting Up The Menu Screen
Setting Up The Highscore Screen
Adding The Art To The Game Screen
Adding The Images To The Game Screen
Setting Up The Text In The Game
Making The Scrolling Background
Fixing Some Illustrator And Graphic Problems
Adding The Animation To The Bee And The Wasp
Fixing The Wasp Rotation
Adding The Animation Spark To The Beam
Talking About The Project And Adding Sound
Making The Projectile Sound Effect
Making The Spread Projectile
Making The Homing Projectile
Making The Beam Sound Effect
Making The Wasp Death Sound
Making The Bee Hit Sound
Talking About The Music And Adding Our First Beat
Adding The Bass Line
Adding The Melody
Finishing The Song
Making The Game Over Music
Adding The Bass Line To The Game Over Music
Adding The Melody
Adding The Melody To The Game Over Music
Making The Drums More Interesting In The Game
Composing The Main Music
Composing The Bassline
Picking The Synthsizers
Comosing The Pre Melody
Composing The A Melody
Composing The B Melody
Making The Song A Little More Interesting
Adding The Form The To Song
Adding An Intro To The Song
Making The Drums More Interesting
Adding Cymbals And Finishing The Song
Mixing Your Music
Making A Powerup Sound Effect
Making The Second Powerup Sound Effect
Adding The Music To The Game
Correcting The Music Coding Errors
Correcting A Music Logic Problem
Adding Sound Effects Part 1
Adding Sound Effects Part 2
Mixing Your Audio In The Engine
The Homestretch
Adding A Difficulty Curve
Adding A Difficulty Curve Part 2
Making The Game More Fun
Adding High Scores And Polishing The Game
Making The Icons For The Chrome Store
Making The 16x16 Icon
Making The Banners 1280 And 440
Packing Your Game For The Chrome Store
Final Steps Of Publishing To The...
Final Steps Of Publishing To The Chrome Store
Setting Up The Facebook Game
Adding A Facebook Login
Publishing Your Score To Your Facebook
Exporting Your HTML 5 Webpage
Setting Canvas URL In Facebook
Resizing Your Icon
Finalizing Your Facebook Game
Final Thoughts On Bees Versus Wasps