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ETL Testing LiveTraining : With the rising need for smarter decision making systems using the real time business data hosted across systems is a must.These heterogeneous systems data has to be churned and made ready for decision making.This is where ETL systems come handy.As data set is huge and heterogeneous making sure the migration is complete is the need of hour. Hence testers with knowledge of ETL Concepts and tools are in demand We at Itelearn will help you and guide to learn with Live training as well as Live project to have complete understanding and feel of real time ETL testing environment. Please note if you need to add more content can add this With the advent and rapid rise in the amount of data for big business,the legacy systems used for data storage and data retrieval are fading out.Newer and newer technologies and systems are finding their advent into business.Databases(OLTP) and Data-warehouses(OLAP) are becoming more and more user friendly and the information they store is more cost effective. Thus the data migration from the Legacy systems to these newer storage systems is inevitable and validation of these migrations led to the concept ETL. Thus.Thus testing this process is necessary and tedious. Having the knowledge of ETL and the tools used for ETL like Informatica,Datastage,SSIS etc will have a value addition to your profile and thereby give a career boost.Forget not with the advent of Bigdata systems the knowledge of ETL will help you out even more