Technology Course

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Course Detail

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers 4-year degree. The course is flexible and has been structured to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry.
Objective of the department right from its inception is to provide high quality man power, as well as technical inputs primarily to meet the requirements of Indian Industries and R & D establishments both in India and Abroad. The department is adopting its curriculum, laboratories to stay abreast of Electronics and related areas.
The department is regularly conducting the seminars, guest lectures, workshops and technical symposiums on latest technologies. Apart from the curriculum the department is having project development centre to impart the real and practical technical skills to the students. The department has been in fore front for research and training activities in DSP and DIP.
Illuminates- that accounts for various tasks among students as well as R & D section.
Conducts various live projects for students.
Encouraging the students & staff to attend Seminars & National Conferences.
Financial assistance for Economically backward students on behalf of Sarveypalli Radha Krishnan trust formed by students. .
Electronic Devices and Circuit Lab, Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab, Analog Communications Lab, Digital Communications Lab, Integrated circuits Lab, Micro Processors & Micro Controllers Lab, VHDL Lab, DSP Lab, Microwave Communications Lab, Advanced communication Lab.
A Highly qualified, dedicated and experienced senior faculty is an attractive (additional) feature of the ECE department. The department is accompanied with Professors, Associates, Assistant Professors and all are busy with their research and development programs