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Domain Training BFSI : It is known fact that having knowledge about, how a company does business, will help in creating effective test suite by the TESTER. It is expected from TESTERS to have knowledge on both Technical aspects of the project as well as Domain information of the product being developed. When you want to Check , no domain knowledge is needed, but when you want to Test , domain knowledge is very important. Main advantage which makes difference here is that, when a tester has common sense, they can find obvious bugs, but when they have domain knowledge, they can find bugs which are related to core functionality, since they know the flow of the application and know what goes where. As we know all business applications are very critical and they demand very high quality end to end testing. In many cases clients expect a tester to have multiple roles like Business Analyst, End User, Critique, Analyst etc, which can be attained if tester has knowledge about the application under test and its usage, obviously Domain knowledge is one such skill. We at iTeLearn would like to throw some light into Domains which are hot picks and where we see many projects/products being developed. Domains like Banking and Financial Services (BFS), Insurance Life, Non-Life Insurance , Automotive and Logistics will be covered as a series of training s.