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Diploma in Engineering

Course Type: Diploma | Study Mode: Class Room
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The world of electronics is going through a period of rapid changes and expansion. The mission of the Department of ECE is to create a remarkable history of producing some of the brightest electronics engineers by blending of theoretical and practical aspects of Engineering. Laboratories of ECE comprising EDC lab, Analog electronics, Digital electronics, DSP, Microprocessor, Microwave, Satellite, PCB and Radar. The Department of Computer Science Engineering provides state-of-the-art computing facilities to the student for training and research purpose. you are capable of programming data bases and various support systems e.g., expert systems, decision support systems and transaction processing systems. Mechanical Engineering is one of the earliest branches of Engineering and has always remained in demand due to new innovations in mechanical engineering industry. We make sincere endeavor to expose students to all the basic techniques and to ensure it the department is well supported by workshop of Carpentry, Welding, Forging, Machine turning etc. Civil Engineering is a technology that includes numerous other disciplines that produce useful facilities for the human beings, including roads, dams, waste disposal and other facilities that are used in our daily life. The work in Civil Engineering includes roads, bridges, building, dams, canals, water supply and numerous other facilities that affect the life of human beings.