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Data Science CertificationTraining (R,SAS & Excel)

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Online
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Data Scientist Certification Training (R, SAS & Excel) by Simplilearn equips you with the work experience needed to be a skilled professional in the fast emerging field of Data Science. This data science training has been designed to enable you to make the most of relevant data with the required statistical concepts and tools. At the end of this training you will be able to take up an exciting job opportunity in the field of Data Science.
This data science course will make you an expert at understanding the problem, designing the analysis and applying predictive modelling techniques to derive business insights from data.
By the end of Simplilearn s training in R,SAS and Excel, you will be able to:
Master the concepts of statistical analysis like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis and forecasting.
Get proficient in using R,SAS and Excel to model data and predict solutions to business problems.
Gain fundamental knowledge on Analytics and how it assists in data-driven decision making.
Visualize and optimize data effectively using the built-in tools in R,SAS and Excel.
Master SAS codes on SAS platform and work with ease on R language.
Work on real-life industry based projects using R,SAS,Excel.