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Units of study
Introduction To Building a Building a Web Page
What is HTML?
Setting Up the Text Editor to Create XHTML
Creating Your First HTML File
Adding Formatting Tags & Previewing in a Browser
Getting Started with Cascading Style Sheets
How Pages are Served Up
Choosing an Editor
Project Management
Creating HTML Documents
Understanding Tags, Elements & Attributes
Defining the Basic Structure with HTML, HEAD & BODY
Assigning a Title & Using Paragraphs
Using Heading Tags & Whitespace
Creating Unordered & Ordered Lists
Fine-tuning Tags with Attributes
Working with Colors & Gradients
Adding Bold & Italics
Understanding How a Browser Reads HTML
Doc Types & Browsers
Introduction To CSS
What is CSS?
Internal Style Sheets, Selectors, Properties & Values
Building & Applying Class Selectors
Using Advanced Selection Techniques
Grouping Selectors
Creating Comments in Your Code
Using Div Tags & IDs to Format Layout
Understanding the Cascade & Avoiding Conflicts
Adding Images
Image Formats & Production Considerations
Optimizing Images for the Web
Introducing the IMG Tag
Relative vs. Absolute URLs
Fine-Tuning with Alt, Width & Height Attributes
Anchors & Hyperlinks
Creating Hyperlinks to Outside Websites
Creating Hyperlinks Between Documents
Linking to Email Addresses
Linking to a Specific Part of a Webpage
Linking Images
More CSS Techniques
Managing CSS with External Style Sheets
Setting Hyperlinks with Pseudo-Classes
The CSS Box Model: Padding, Borders & Margins
Styling Unordered & Ordered Lists with CSS
Overriding the Inheritance of Attributes
Organizing Information With Tables & Definition Lists
Creating Tables & Table Attributes
Adding & Formatting Rows & Columns
Spanning Rows & Columns
Increasing Table Accessibility
Using Definition Lists to Organize Definition-Based Data
Using HTML Comments
Creating Layouts
Adding a Side Content Div to Your Layout
Applying Absolute Positioning
Applying Relative Positioning
Using the Float & Clear Properties
Understanding Overflow
Creating Auto-Centering Content
Using Fixed Positioning
Introduction To Adobe Dreamweaver
Getting Started with Dreamweaver & Setting Preferences
Creating a Local Site & Importing Files
Working in the Code, Design, & Split Views
Configuring FTP Options & Publishing Through Synchronization
Using Definition Lists to Organize Definition-Based Data
Validating Your Code
Working With Dreamweaver
Editing Style Sheets in the CSS Panel
Creating Description & Keyword Meta Tags
Using Dreamweaver to Preview in a Web Browser