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                                              UNITS OF STUDY
Introduction to the Course
Introduction to Stencyl
Opening up our first game
Adding an actor
Adding a scene
Adding in actors to a scene
Adding Events to an actor
Adding in events to an actor
Actors and events
Stencyl and code
Physical Code
Stencyl and Shapes
Game loops and moving actors
Placing objects on the screen
Local attributes
More attributes
Setting an attribute
Build Your First Game
Introduction to the game
Building your first game
Setting up the game
Building circles
Adding the clicks
Using the spawn feature
Adding a game font
Adding text
Setting the score attribute
Scoring functionality
Changing a small mechanic
Adding a timer
Closing thoughts
Intermediate Stencyl (And Building Your First Game)
Introduction to the rest of the course
X and Y coordinates
Setting actor directions
If statements
Finding actor directions
Rotating objects
If and Otherwise statements 1
If and Otherwise statements 2
If and Otherwise statements 3
If and Otherwise statements 4
If and Otherwise statements 5
Making a list
If and Otherwise statements 6
If and Otherwise statements 7
Definite loops
Setting time frames
Adding number attributes
Game debugging
Advanced coding
For Each loops
Actors and For Each loops
Actor groups
Setting region properties
Gravity in games
Making a simple gravity game
Finding width and height
Scene name
Accessing the camera
Moving the camera
Effects: Shake screen and full screen
Setting the off-screen bounds
Reloading a scene with a transition
Crossfade and reload
Creating an actor after a transition
Pausing the game
Controls part 1
Controls part 2
Controls part 3
Controls part 4
Math part 1
Math part 2
Math part 3
Math part 4
Math part 5
Math part 6
Module 9: Finalizing Your First Game
Sound design
Triggering events
Triggering event and behaviors
Attributes from the program
Remote local attributes
Local attributes in a scene
Enabling and disabling behaviors
Opening links
Posting the game to a website
Adding backgrounds
Tile sets
Completing your first game!
Physics and Collisions
More About Stencyl
Making Money with Games