Technology Course

Bachelor Degree(B.E.)- Computer Science and Engineering

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Computer Science and Engineering

Course Detail

Engineering is a multifaceted discipline in which science and mathematics are applied to practical problems. As software is a product of Computer Science, Software Engineering is unquestionably the application of Computer Science. It is important that Software Engineering deliberately in term of Computer Science in order to establish Software Engineering as subset of Computer Science. Establishing this Vivekananda Institute of technology has initiated the department of Computer Science in the year 1997. The department has grown from strength to strength over the years.
Curriculum Overview
Every business and organization out there sees the tremendous amount of value in having technology available to make jobs more efficient by increasing productivity through the elimination of complex or tedious tasks from the agendas of workers. It has thus become more important that the gurus of the Computer Science field fall into professions that require they understand business and customer needs. The backbone of our economy lies on the efficiency and productivity of our businesses, and by transitive property, at the fingertips of those gurus.
Other Information
Computer Science program focus more on the practical application of the knowledge gained through analysis and research. Furthermore, an engineering approach to research and analysis enhances the value of the knowledge obtained. The programs will produce better engineers to face not only the problems of today, but the problems of tomorrow as well. The Computer Science Department at Vivekananda Institute of Technology has made a great first step in this direction and needs to be more of a movement by the entire academic community for the benefits to truly be realized.