Technology Course

Course Detail

The Computer Science and Engineering Department is committed
towards developing excellence in computer education, training and
research. Attempts are being made to enhance knowledge of
students, faculty and staff by engaging them in academic, research,
extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
All classrooms are well equipped with ICT based learning process. The
department is having, well equipped air conditioned Computer Labs
including AI, Compiler design, Computer graphics, Computer vision
and Image processing, DBMS, DAA, Distributed systems lab, Java
programming lab, Computer networks lab, Operating system lab, SE
lab, Computer organization lab, Advanced project lab, Advanced
research center for M.Tech along with one computer center.
Research Grant received by AICTE, AICTE has sanctioned a Research
Project worth Rs 2.45 lakhs on Computer Vision and Image Processing.
U.P. Pollution Board has sanctioned Project worth Rs. 8.5 Lakhs for
setting the center for Pollution monitoring and analysis.
MHRD sponsored E-Yantra Lab in association with IIT Bombay.