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                                                  UNITS OF STUDY
Android App Inventor
Course Introduction
Course Breakdown
Introduction To App Inventor 2
App Inventor Setup Introduction
Creating A Gmail Account
App Inventor Companion App - Option 1
Setting Up Onscreen Emulator - Option 2
Setting Up Usb Device Part 1 - Option 3
Setting Up Usb Device Part 2 - Option 3
Section Recap
Component Editor Intro
Pallette Section
Components View And Components Section
Properties Section
Blocks Editor Build Options And Media Section
Components Editor In Action
Section Recap
Blocks Editor Introduction
Blocks Drawer
Blocks Viewer And Media Section
Blocks Editor In Action
Section Recap
First App Introduction
First Application Overview
Setting Up Our First Application
Creating Our First Application
Changing The Door Appearance When Locked
Section Recap
Second App Introduction
Second App Overview
Component Spotlight - HorizontalArrangement
Component Spotlight - VerticalArrangement
Arranging Our Buttons
Component Spotlight - Checkbox_Edited
Naming Our Chapters
Component Spotlight - Sound_Edited
Setting Up Chapter Audio
Adding Space To Our Layout
Updating Our Component Names
Block Time - Making Our Buttons Play Audio
Testing Final App
Section Recap
App Backup, Restore And Share Intro
Understanding App Inventor File Types
Downloading And Backing App Inventor Apps
Uploading, Sharing And Restoring App Inventor Apps
Section Recap
Third App Introduction
Third App Overview
Component Spotlight - Canvas
Layout Canvas And Labels
Component Spotlight - Ball
Implement Hotspots And Upload Media
Block Time - Activating Tapped Bones
Block Time - Simplifying Activated Bone Blocks with Procedures
Block Time - Resetting Hotspot Colors With Procedures
Component Spotlight - Player
Adding Vibration To Hotspots
Section Recap
Fourth App Introduction
Fourth App Overview
Basic Home Screen Layout
Navbar Layout
Component Spotlight - Activity Starter
Implementing Website Activity
Implementing Map Activity
Component Spotlight - PhoneCall
Implementing Call Screen Part 1 - Intro To Multiple Screens
Implementing Call Screen Part 2 - Intro
Component Spotlight - Textbox
Implementing Email Screen Layout
Block Time - Sending Emails With The Help Of Variables
Section Recap
Fifth App Introduction
Fifth App Overview
Implementing Top Task Bar Layout
Component Spotlight - Listview
Component Spotlight - File
Finalizing Main Screen Layout With Listview File And Empty List Image
Implementing Taskform Screen And Structure
Component Spotlight - Listpicker
Finalizing Taskform Screen With Listpicker And Form Input
Block Time - Passing Data Between Screens
Block Time - Adding Tasks To File - Understanding Parsing Pt1
Block Time - Displaying Tasks From File Using Listview Understanding Parsing Pt2
Deleting Our List And Toggling Filter Bar
Block Time - Toggling Main Image And Canceling Tasks
Block Time - Showing New Tasks First With List Reversal
Block Time - Making Tasks Pretty UsingText Manipulation
Section Recap
Sixth App Introduction
Sixth App Overview
Implementing Basic Layout Structure
Component Spotlight - Texting
Component Spotlight - Tinydb
Component Spotlight - Spinner
Component Spotlight - Timepicker
Component Spotlight - TextToSpeech Edited
Implementing Lower Select Reply Message Structure
Block Time - Showing And Hiding Add New Message Arrangement
Block Time - Adding Messages To Spinner
Block Time - Showing Messages In Spinner
Block Time - Formatting Return Time For Message
Block Time - Toggling Application State On And Off
Block Time - Sending Auto Reply Messages And Text To Speech
Section Recap
Seventh App Introduction
Seventh App Overview
Component Spotlight - Camera
Component Spotlight - ImagePicker
Implementing Main Screen Layout
Implementing Basic Layout For Drawing S
Block Time - Linking To Drawing Screen
Component Spotlight - Slider
Implementing Color Picker Drawer Layout
Block Time - Screen Initialization And Basic Canvas Drawing
Block Time - Picking Paint Colors
Component Spotlight - Sharing
Implementing Options Drawer Layout
Block Time - Adding And Subtracting Brush Sizes
Block Time - Sharing Completed Images And Coloring Lower Gesture Bar
Block Time - Toggling Drawer State With
Section Recap
Eighth App Introduction
Eighth App Overview
Component Spotlight - Camcorder
Component Spotlight - Locationsensor
Implementing Main Screen Layout
Block Time - Custom Component Colors And Basic Buttons Setup
Block Time - Storing Memory Data
Implementing Memory List Screen Layout
Block Time - Displaying Our List Of Memories
Block Time - Selecting And Clearing Memories
Component Spotlight - WebViewer
Implementing View Memory Screen Layout
Block Time - Viewing And Formatting Memories Footage
Block Time- Viewing Location Data
Section Recap
Ninth App Introduction
Ninth App Overview
Component Spotlight - Clock
Implementing Basic Timer Layout
Implementing Time, Buttons, And Slider
Block Time - Centering Our Clock
Block Time - Setting And Initializing Our Clock
Block Time - Programming Our Timer
Block Time - Starting And Pausing Timer
Component Spotlight - Notifier
Block Time - Sounding And Resetting Timer
Block Time - Understanding Clock Rotation
Block Time - Understanding Clock Rotation
Block Time - Rotating Our Clock Hand
Component Spotlight - Tinywebdb
Favorites Bar Layout
Block Time - Creating A New Favorite Part 1
Block Time - Creating A New Favorite Part 2
Block Time - Using A Favorite Part 1
Block Time - Using A Favorite Part 2
Section Recap
Tenth App Introduction
Tenth App Overview
Component Spotlight - Accelerometer
Implementing Game Menu Layout
Block Time - Dynamic Button Sizes With Accelerometer Part 1
Block Time - Dynamic Button Sizes With Accelerometer Part 2
Block Time - Configuring Game Modes
Implementing Basic Settings Screen
Implementing Ball Color Group Part 1
Implementing Ball Color Group Part 2
Implementing Paddle Length Group
Implementing Paddle Movement Group And Play Arrangement
Block Time - Creating A Toggle Group
Block Time - Finalizing Toggle Groups
Block Time - Sliding Color Drawer Open And Closed
Block Time - Fixing Color Drawer Open And Close Issues
Block Time - Storing Game Settings
Block Time - Tying Up Loose Ends
Implementing Game Screen Layout
Block Time - Initializing Game Settings Part 1 Initializing Game Variables
Block Time - Initializing Game Settings Part 2 Initializing Color Modes
Block Time - Initializing Game Settings Part 3 Initializes Paddles
Block Time - Configuring Paddle Movement Part 1
Block Time - Configuring Paddle Movement Part 2
Block Time - Configuring Collisions Part 1 Colliding With Paddle
Block Time - Configuring Collisions Part 2 Colliding With Walls
Block Time - Configuring Collisions Part 3 Game Modes
Block Time - Adding Bad Hit Flash
Block Time - Adding Canvas Painting
Block Time - Setting Up Game Over
Application To Market Intro
Introduction To Android Market (Google Play Store)
Introduction To Google Play Developer Account
Opening A Google Play Developer Account
Google Play Developer Account Breakdown
Application Graphic Assets
Uploading And Publishing App To Google Play Store
Updating Your Android Application
Section Recap
Course Recap
Additional Resources
Closing Message
IOS 9 App Development (Xcode new)
Introduction to the Course
Building the User Interface
IOS Features
Working With Data
Publishing Your App