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Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Full-Time
Keywords: PORTUGUESE Language
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                                                     UNITS OF STUDY
Say hello (good morning, good afternoon, or good night)
Say what your name is
Understand many useful Portuguese words
Say hello and goodbye, please and thank you
Attract peoples attention
And, above all, make the most of a small amount of language
Do you live in... ?
Introduce yourself
Say what nationality you are
Say where you live
Ask people about themselves
The family
Start up conversations
Talk about members of your family
Give their names and say how old they are
Straight on!
Ask whether certain facilities are nearby
Ask the way
Understand what people say in reply
At home
Ask and talk about a house or flat
Say what rooms there are
Say whether you like it.
My region
Say what region you live in
Tell people what there is to see there
Give an opinion of it
It's superb!
Learn how to hire a car
Revise what you've learned in units 1-7