Law & Security Course


Course Type: Degree | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: BBA.LLB | BBA-LLB
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The Faculty of Law, Jagan Nath University is dedicated to create a new breed of dynamic and future Law Graduates who will be in a position to use the knowledge acquired here towards the creation of a better society and indeed, a brighter future for themselves. Law school teaches you to open your mind and think differently. This type of training is valuable in any career. Today, law is the pathway to financial rewards, intellectual stimulation, prestige, family influence, social change and career flexibility and above all acquiring a knowledgeable position in the existing society. To the hilt, it is a new and young University whose vibrancy and youthful outlook is reflected in its course curriculum, its attitude towards students and the overall ambiance. In its short stint of operations, it has made a mark with innovative training methods and a strong emphasis on practical exposure to the students. Ample opportunity towards co-curricular & extra-curricular activities makes for a healthy and stress free environment The BBA.LLB course specially aims at nurturing highly motivated professionals and prospective corporate icons to meet the growing legal and business related necessities of society. It aims at developing personnel to lead legal and professional matters of the corporates and also to establish themselves as a successful business entity. The programme prepares the students with the skills, knowledge and strategic perspectives essential to the fulfillment of business around the world in combination of legal knowledge, enhancing professional attitude and cultivate ethics of corporate world and in legal fraternity.