Business & Management Course

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (PGP-BABI)

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Online With Class Room
Keywords: Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence PGP- BABI

Course Detail

Business Foundation
-Basics of Management
-Delivered by senior Great Lakes faculty
-Coverage includes Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Statistics
Analytical Techniques
-In depth study of analytical tools and techniques
-Delivered by industry and Great Lakes faculty
-Application oriented pedagogy through data sets, assignments and case studies
-Exposure on SAS & R using virtual lab
Industry Exposure
-Industry led modules in various domains of analytics
-Coverage includes Retail analytics,
Financial analytics, Healthcare, Supply chain, Telecom and Web and Social Media analytics
-Evaluation of candidates by industry professionals
-Industry mentored project
-About 50% of classroom contact sessions delivered by industry
Curriculum Overview
Introduction to Analytics
Introduction to Analytics
Introduction to SAS
Introduction to R
Statistical Methods for Decision Making
Data collection, presentation and visuals, measures of central tendency, dispersion and correlation
Introduction to probability and distributions
Hypothesis testing and estimation
Goodness of Fit, Test of independence
Marketing and CRM
Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
RFM Analysis
Customer lifetime value
Marketing metrics for CRM
Business Finance
Understanding and analyzing financial statements
Ratio analysis as a tool to evaluate performance
Profit planning and budgeting
Cash and recievables management
Advanced Statistics
Basics of ANOVA, ANOVA with interaction effects
Regression Analysis
Factor analysis
Principal Component Analysis
Data Mining
Decision Trees
Random Forest
Neural Networks
Predictive Modeling 1
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Discriminant analysis
Predictive Modeling 2
Time Series Forecasting, Moving Averages, Smothing
End to end problem solving
Optimization Techniques
Linear programming and applications
Integer and mixed integer programming and applications
Goal programming
Non-linear programming
Data Visualization using Tableau
Data visualization using Tableau
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Marketing and Retail Analytics
Pricing Analytics
Market Basket Analysis
Customer analytics and churn models
Finance and Risk Analytics
Market Risk
Credit risk
Prediction and Prevention of Fraud
Web and Social Media Analytics
Google Analytics
Campaign Analytics
Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
Supply Chain Management Overview
Procurement Analytics
Logistics Analytics
Capstone Project
Other Information
Bachelor s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in graduation or equivalent
Minimum of two years full-time post qualification work experience.
Course Duration: 12 Months