Business & Management Course

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (PGP-BABI)

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Online With Class Room
Keywords: Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence PGP- BABI

Course Detail

Business Foundation
-Basics of Management
-Delivered by senior Great Lakes faculty
-Coverage includes Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Statistics
Analytical Techniques
-In depth study of analytical tools and techniques
-Delivered by industry and Great Lakes faculty
-Application oriented pedagogy through data sets, assignments and case studies
-Exposure on SAS & R using virtual lab
Industry Exposure
-Industry led modules in various domains of analytics
-Coverage includes Retail analytics,
 Financial analytics, Healthcare, Supply chain, Telecom and Web and Social Media  analytics
-Evaluation of candidates by industry professionals
-Industry mentored project
-About 50% of classroom contact sessions delivered by industry
Curriculum Overview
Introduction to Analytics 
• Introduction to Analytics
• Introduction to SAS
• Introduction to R
Statistical Methods for Decision Making 
• Data collection, presentation and visuals, measures of central tendency, dispersion and correlation
• Introduction to probability and distributions
• Hypothesis testing and estimation
• Goodness of Fit, Test of independence
Marketing and CRM 
• Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
• RFM Analysis
• Customer lifetime value
• Marketing metrics for CRM
Business Finance 
• Understanding and analyzing financial statements
• Ratio analysis as a tool to evaluate performance
• Profit planning and budgeting
• Cash and recievables management
Advanced Statistics 
• Basics of ANOVA, ANOVA with interaction effects
• Regression Analysis
• Factor analysis
• Principal Component Analysis
Data Mining 
• Clustering
• Decision Trees
• Random Forest
• Neural Networks
Predictive Modeling 1 
• Linear Regression
• Logistic Regression
• Discriminant analysis
Predictive Modeling 2 
• Time Series Forecasting, Moving Averages, Smothing
• End to end problem solving
Optimization Techniques 
• Linear programming and applications
• Integer and mixed integer programming and applications
• Goal programming
• Non-linear programming
Data Visualization using Tableau 
• Data visualization using Tableau
Big Data Analytics 
• Big Data Analytics
Marketing and Retail Analytics 
• Pricing Analytics
• Market Basket Analysis
• Customer analytics and churn models
Finance and Risk Analytics 
• Market Risk
• Credit risk
• Prediction and Prevention of Fraud
Web and Social Media Analytics 
• Google Analytics
• Campaign Analytics
• Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics 
• Supply Chain Management Overview
• Procurement Analytics
• Logistics Analytics
Capstone Project 
Other Information
Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in graduation or equivalent
Minimum of two years full-time post qualification work experience.
Course Duration: 12 Months