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JPlanning is a balancing act between constructing modern communities and conserving our natural and built heritage to create diverse, vibrant and sustainable places where people want to live, work and play. Balance means poise, stability, fairness, neutrality - all qualities indispensable for planners. Urban Planning is the process of coming up with strategies and plans that aim on using urban land in the best possible manner so as to create cities and settlements that are environment friendly, sustainable, beautiful, organized as well as safe for its residents. Professionals working in this field are called Urban Planners. They use their multi disciplinary knowledge to deal with problems that have come up due to the unplanned expansion of cities such as sanitation, pollution, transportation, safety etc. Urban Planners also work on coming up with plans for entirely new cities where such problems will not exist. Their aim is to create a city that is functional and organized and caters to the different needs of its residentsChoosing Urban Planning as a career is an excellent career option. Due to the unplanned growth of cities, there is a plethora of problems that the authorities have to solve, from sanitation to beautification. Urban Planners become essential to this process of improvement by coming up with plans that will help solve these problems for the future without causing inconvenience to the residents today. The demand for Urban Planners is constantly increasing and the career offers fantastic growth opportunities. Urban Planners are hired by Government Organizations, Private Developers and Architectural Firms. Whereas Urban Planners who work for the Government focus more on welfare and solving problems related to the design of the city, Urban Planners working in the private sector focus more on creating an ideal plan as per the specifications and desires of the client.he work of an Urban Planner involves research, strategic thinking, economics, architecture and urban design. Urban Planners work to achieve different objectives, such as accommodate population, revitalize area or attract business. No matter what the objective of the plan might be, their work always involves looking after the welfare of the residents and improving their lives in one way or the other.