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Master of Business Adminstration

Course Type: Master Degree | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: MBA | Master of Business Adminstration
Course Provider:
Herzing University,USA

Course Detail

Master of Business Adminstration (MBA) is a 2 year programme. Herzing University having four different campus in USA,with an aim to promote and achieve excellence in academics, research and training. 
Curriculum Overview
Master of Business Administration program focus more on the practical application of the knowledge gained through analysis and research. Furthermore, an Management education approach to research and analysis enhances the value of the knowledge obtained. The programs will produce better business Leaders to face not only the problems of today, but the problems of tomorrow as well. Master of Business Administration  at  Siva Sivani Institue of Management (SSIM) has made a great first step in this direction and needs to be more of a movement by the entire academic community for the benefits to truly be realized.