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Hospitality Professional Certificate ( HPC )

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Course Detail

The Hospitality Professional Course (HPC) consists of a series of self-paced online seminars and activities that have
been created for students who are studying or currently working in the hospitality industry. The overall purpose of
the HPC course is to enhance your career and professional development skills. The topics and activities in HPC are
designed to inspire you to deliver service excellence by developing an a ha! Amazing Hospitality Attitude!
No matter what your level of education or extent of work experience may be, there is always something more to
learn and strive for, that will benefit your professional career. AHA s industry focused professional seminars and
activities emphasize the development of both personal and professional leadership traits needed to be successful in
the hospitality industry, regardless of one s rank or position.
The Hospitality Professional Course (HPC) provides the foundation for a successful experience and hospitality
career by:
Focusing on employability traits deemed essential by the industry
Emphasizing personal leadership development
Developing an understanding of other cultures, traditions and beliefs, to perform more effectively in a
multicultural workplace
There are 8 HPC modules. Each module will contain the following activities which are explained in more detail
Module Overview
HPC Seminar(s)
Seminar Assessment Quiz
Skill Builder Activities
Online Discussions
a ha! Moments
Module Overview
At the beginning of each module, always start with the Overview tab. It contains a video of one of your AHA
iCoaches. Download a module breakdown of requirements. Your iCoach will guide you throughout, and will help
you get the most out of your online course.
When you click on Seminars, you will find a corresponding seminar for each module. These are a series of selfpaced,
interactive sessions. Each seminar is voiced over, so make sure the volume of your computer is turned up.
You can click Pause at any time, and replay a previous slide by using the PowerPoint navigation system. We
encourage all participants to take notes and use these as study material for the midterm and final exams.
Once you feel confident with the knowledge presented in the seminar, you are now ready to take the corresponding
quiz. Click on Quizzes and select the quiz that is in the same Module Folder as the seminar you watched. You will
have ONLY two attempts to pass each quiz with a passing grade of 70%. After you have successfully completed
the quiz, you can return to the course materials to begin a new seminar.
Skill Builder Activities
The skill builder activities allow students to put theory into practice and build on the knowledge and skills gained
from the seminars. There will be a corresponding Skill Builder for each Module. Click on the Module and follow
the instructions. Each Skill Builder is worth 5 points. Students receive 5 points for completing them and 0 points
for an incomplete activity.
Online Discussions
The discussion forum allows students to reflect on their experiences and share these experiences with peers, online
faculty and AHA iCoaches. There will be a corresponding Discussion for each Module and they are worth 5 points
each. Click on the Module and reply to the various discussion posts. Students are required to post a reply and one
response per discussion in order to earn the 5 points.
Module Progress
Once you click on a module inside your HPC course, you will see a detailed overview of the required activities for
each module. Some modules might have more than one requirement per activity so use this overview as a way to
track your progress through each module.
Two examinations will be given for this course: the midterm examination covers Modules 1-4 and the final
examination covers Modules 5-8. After you have fully completed Modules 1-4 you will find your midterm exam
located on the Module 4 progress checklist. After you have fully completed Modules 5-8 you will find your final
exam located on the Module 8 progress checklist. Before taking your final exam, you will be asked to complete a
course evaluation to help AHA further enhance our system and courses.
Please note that your midterm and final exams are automated and ONLY come on when you have completed ALL
activities. Each module must have all green checkmarks in order for the midterm and final to be activated.
Grading and Special Designation
A student must have a minimum grade of 70% to earn the HPC certificate from AHA. NOTE: The (AHA) HPC
course grade may differ from your final school grade as your school may have a different grade criteria and
percentage allocation. The grade from your school is the official grade that will be seen in your Transcript of
Records. Students who receive a final grade of 93% or higher will receive a special citation from the American
Hospitality Academy.
Your final grade in the AHA HPC course will be computed based on the following criteria and weight distribution,
for a total of 100%.
Grading Scale
Quizzes: 10%
Midterm Exam: 25%
Final Exam: 25%
Activities: 40% (Online discussions and skill builders make up this percentage)
a ha! Moments
At the end of each seminar you will be asked to watch what we call an a ha! Moment. What is an a ha!
Moment? It is a mini lesson within the lesson that allows you to reflect on what you have learned and inspires and
motivates you to continue to embrace the right customer service attitude. After each lesson, you will find the
corresponding a ha! Moment in this tab within your HPC classroom.
Passport to Culture- Inspiring Global Connections and Friendship
Your Cultural Course Lab
The cornerstone of AHA s programs is the study of culture. Our foremost concern is to promote understanding and
respect for different cultures - an important key to successful management and leadership in today s multicultural
Passport to Culture (PTC) can be considered your course cultural lab where you have the unique opportunity to
travel the world with AHA enhancing your understanding and appreciation of others. Passport to Culture allows you
to connect with others from around the world and participate in discussion forums that can make a difference in the
way you think and feel about your global neighbors.
Extra Credit Points
PTC compliments your existing courses by allowing you to earn extra credit points for each stamp collected. The
more activities and connections you make, the more stamps you receive in your passport. Extra credit points are
earned on your final grade with AHA, based on the number of stamps you collect. Two points per stamp collected
can be earned with a maximum of 12 extra credit points on your final grade.
Successful Completion and Issuance of AHA World Campus Certificate
Your instructor will inform you of the required completion dates. In addition, please check your homepage and
course page for additional announcements regarding examination schedules. After you have completed your final
exam, your score will be computed automatically and your final score will be generated. If you get a passing score,
you will have the opportunity to print your online HPC certificate.
Getting Started!
Personalized World Campus Login
If you are having trouble logging in using the login (your email address) and password sent to you from World
Campus, please check with the faculty member in charge of your section. Only students who have been previously
registered by your instructor or online course monitor will have access to World Campus. Below is a description of
the functions you will find on the blue navigation bar once logged in.
Home Page
When you log into World Campus, you will always be taken to your Home Page. All announcements and course
updates will be posted here as well as your current discussions. It is important to check your announcements often
for any changes or information that pertains to your overall successful completion.
My Courses
Each time you log into World Campus, you will need to click the My Courses tab and then click on the
Hospitality Professional Course. You will then be taken to your classroom which consists of the 8 HPC modules
and their corresponding activities and assignments. , iCoach, HPC Seminars, Quizzes/Examinations, Skill Builders,
Discussions and a ha! Moments.
My Account
The My Account Tab allows you to view your transcript and update your profile. Feel free to update your profile at
anytime, by adding updated information about your personal, academic and/or professional life. Please, just keep it
appropriate for all faculty and student participants. After your course, take time to print your transcripts for your
My Transcript
The My Transcript tab allows you to track your progress for each of the graded activities. All of your scores will be
located in your transcript/ You are also able to print your transcript at any time for your own records.
You are required to check your mailbox frequently for any updates from AHA, your instructor or fellow
participants. It is important to understand that your World Campus mail can only send and receive mail from fellow
World Campus users. You will not be able to use this with people who are not participating in this course. Every
time you receive a World Campus mail, you will receive the same mail in your regular email account. Please be
aware that sometimes this may go to junk mail. We suggest that you check your spam regularly.
Seminar Descriptions
1. Spirit of Hospitality
Increasing competition within the hospitality industry has also increased the importance of the role guest
service excellence plays in the success of any hospitality venue. This seminar will help you develop the
kind of positive, caring guest service attitude that will enable you to shine! You will learn to recognize
what constitutes and contributes to guest satisfaction and how exceeding these standards directly, correlate
to the success of your future position.
2. Choose Your Attitude
It is not your aptitude but your attitude that will determine your success in your career. A positive attitude
is the essence of providing exceptional guest service, which is why the most successful hospitality
organizations hire for attitude and train for aptitude. Life produces extraordinary rewards for those who
give in extraordinary ways. This seminar will show you how to soar to new heights with an attitude of
gratitude that sees life challenges as opportunities.
3. Character Building
Good character does not just happen. We develop this, each and every day, by the choices we make in both
our personal and professional lives. After completing this seminar, you will appreciate the importance of
developing positive character traits, identify desirable traits and be able to explain their benefit in the
workplace. You will also be able to recognize personality and behavior flaws that cause difficulties on the
4. Communication
To effectively communicate, it is important to make certain that the people you are talking to clearly
understand both your words and your actions. The most important principle in communication is to learn
how to hear what is not being said. This seminar will help you learn how to successfully speak the same
language with people of diverse backgrounds.
5. Cooperation
Without cooperation, the hospitality industry will not survive, much less thrive. Ability to cooperate with
co-workers is key to individual success, team success, and success of the organization. This seminar
reviews the professional interactions and cooperation skills.
6. Attendance and Time Management
Time is always a scarce and precious resource for everyone. Those who manage their time wisely lead
well-rounded lives, accomplish more personally, as well as professionally, experience less stress and feel
better about themselves. This seminar helps you develop strategies for delegating tasks, prioritizing, and
planning to increase your efficiency.
7. Appearance and Etiquette
Studies have shown that thirty seconds is all it takes for someone meeting you to form an entire list of
impressions about your character and your abilities. In this seminar we will discuss the importance of
appearance, grooming, hygiene and etiquette in the workplace. Once we learn to look through the eyes of
the guest, we will begin to realize that our success depends not only in acting, but in looking the part as
8. Embrace Change and Fall Up!
Failure is not the falling down, but the staying down. In other words, if you stay down, you quit- you fail!
Things do not always go our way; you are going to have disappointments in your work and in your personal
life. But the question that separates the best from the rest is how you are going to deal with negativity and
embrace the change. This seminar will discuss how you can fall up and embrace the change around you.
9. Elements of Service and Customer Magic
3 C s of Customer Magic: Connect, Contribute and Conclude. This seminar will discuss how you can own
and take charge of your customer interactions and deliver the a ha! with magic! We will discuss
commitment, imagination, creativity and how you can develop customer magic skills by having an open
mind and consistency.
10. Teamwork- Wear your a ha! Onstage!
The ultimate goal of any organization is to achieve overall effectiveness. In other words, the sum should be
greater than its parts! Of course, we all want to succeed as individuals, but our primary focus should always
be on the success of the organization as a whole. This requires teamwork. This seminar will discuss how
you and your team can work together to display Amazing Hospitality Attitudes while onstage at work.
11. Understanding Culture
This seminar defines key terms, processes, and concepts to help you understand the general meaning of
culture and how it works in our world. The central focus of this session is the relationship between
Culture in the Abstract and Culture in the Flesh. It is important to understand that the beliefs and
behaviors of a particular culture are not arbitrary, but are part of that culture s rich history and heritage.
12. Breaking Down Stereotypes
This seminar focuses on the important keys to building a cross-cultural community, specifically the need
for breaking down harmful stereotypes. Breaking down stereotypes requires that individuals, societies, and
government institutions make a commitment to gaining new insights and perspectives through compassion,
honesty, self-control, compromise and participation, with the common good in mind.
13. Effective Cross Cultural Communication
This seminar explains the challenges of communicating in a multi cultural workplace and introduces you to
issues that may occur as a result of miscommunication. It highlights the skills needed for effective cross
cultural communication and the strategies that you may implement to increase your ability to communicate
in a multi- cultural setting.
14. Celebrating Diversity
This seminar offers you the opportunity to learn how to celebrate cultural diversity with your peers,
employees or guest/clientele within the workplace. It introduces you to workplace diversity, explains the
characteristics and challenges of a multi cultural workplace, and presents leadership strategies for you to
practice and implement.