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Why a great dad makes a great leader

Why a Great Dad makes a Great Leader

Becoming a great dad isn’t something that happens overnight, they are shaped over time. The same goes for great leaders. In both instances, hard work, commitment to improvement through experience and trusting your instincts will make you the man your kids – and team members – deserve.

No wonder that some of the most important qualities for being an effective father can be especially useful when leading a team or an organisation.

Here’s why being a dad can make you a more effective leader:

He gives his strength to others
There’s a popular saying that goes, “A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his strength to others so that they may have the strength to stand on their own.”

An involved father creates a secure and nurturing environment for his kids. As a leader, this dad will prove to be a source of strength for his team members, who are looking for a similar kind of stability in the workspace.

He is a compelling communicator

A good father has to be an engaging storyteller if he wants to convince his kids to change their actions and behaviours. He also needs to be able to clearly spell out his expectations.

At work, team members appreciate the same level of clarity regarding targets and accountability. Also, a father who listens to his kids is likely to be more open to new ideas at work.

He inspires trust
Building a trusting relationship with your children is the cornerstone of good parenting. An engaged dad will ensure his kids feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings, regardless of the consequences.

A powerful leader recognises the importance of creating a similar equation with his team. When your people trust you and your vision, they’ll work for you tirelessly without fear of making a mistake.

He is patient
Any parent who has dealt with a toddler or teen’s tantrums will tell you that being patient and persistent will pay off in these situations. At work too, an effective leader knows that there are times when the best thing to do is nothing but wait, watch and reflect.

He leads by example
From the values he holds to how he treats other people, a good dad sets a good example for his kids, who tend to mimic his behaviour. Similarly, in a workplace, employees usually take their cues from the actions of their leader. A good chief will ensure he’s putting out the right message.

He knows how to have fun
A great dad knows the best way to forge a deep bond with his kids is to have fun with them. In the same vein, a leader should be able to laugh at himself and keep the mood light among team members. A leader who isn’t afraid to have fun with his staff will find them willing to go that extra mile during times of trouble.

While managing a team isn’t the same as handling children (though there are days when it can feel that way!), the fundamentals for a success as a father can also help you triumph as a leader.

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