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Top Cover Letter Examples for fresher and professional

Your cover letter for your job application creates your first impression and reflects your creative skills. Check out some compelling cover letter examples to ace your job application.

Cover Letters for Career Success

The cover letter of your job application serves as a powerful tool to present yourself to the recruiter or the employer. Once you have short-listed the coolest jobs and perfected your resume, next comes the cover letter. It showcases your unique combination of skills and demonstrates your work experience. It is your chance to show the right link between the employer’s requirements and your related knowledge, abilities, and experience. Though your resume will primarily cover all of these in detail, an immaculate cover letter is a great way to explain essential scenarios and skills that you cannot cover in your resume.

The right way to craft your job application’s cover depends a lot on the stage of employment you are in. Whether you are a fresher straight out of college, a seasoned professional looking for a job changeover, or even someone returning to work after a sabbatical, an appropriate cover letter becomes a must. The right choice of words could go a long way in making you stay top-of-mind with the company you are applying for.

Top Cover Letters based on varying employment experience levels

Here are some effective sample cover letters for you to use in 2022 based on your experience level.

Cover Letter for Freshers or Students

For a fresher straight out of University or looking to start a job in a specific industry, your cover letter needs to grab the attention of the hiring managers or the job recruiters. Even with limited experience, you can make it interesting enough for the recruiters to look through your job application.

  • Take care to keep it concise and to the point. Keep it short and simple, as recruiters are busy people and may not have time to scan through lengthy memoirs.
  • It is also crucial for you to maintain a professional tone throughout.
  • Write “Application letter for [the position]” and your name in the subject line for an email letter.
  • Mention the specific position you are applying for and your purpose for contacting them.
  • You can explain why you want to work with their company. A short statement as to why you think you will be suitable for the job can also be included.
  • End the paragraph by stating how the job will help you fulfill your career goals.

Here is an example of a cover letter for fresher:

Cover Letter for Middle Management Positions

  • A proper cover letter for a management-level position should include information on your accomplishments and the leadership roles you have held in your previous organization.
  • You can also state how you can help the organization you are applying for to succeed if you are able to get this role.
  • Your cover letter should strongly match the skills the job post has asked for in the candidates.
  • If you are sending an email cover letter, choose a wise subject line to avoid the email getting into the employer’s spam filter.
  • Use short paragraphs that grab quick attention.
  • You can include your contact information in your email signature.

A sample cover letter for you:

Cover Letter Example for a Change in Career

Change of career can pose a tricky situation for applicants as they get to compete with experienced applicants in that field. So, if you are looking for a career change, you should be rightly able to convince employers that you are the best fit.

  • Clearly explain your need for career transition.
  • Highlight your soft skills, like, critical thinking teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to adapt to any type of work environment.
  • If you have some technical skills, you can also include them in your cover letter. This may be anything from technical writing and data analysis to research and Agile project management.
  • You need to incorporate keywords from the job description in your cover letter to be noted by humans and not skipped through application tracking software.

A sample cover letter explaining a career change:

Cover Letter to explain a career break

There are many reasons why we may be prompted in our careers for a break. Whether it is due to illness, family reasons, or a maternity break, explaining the break appropriately becomes challenging. However, you can kick-start the second phase of your career with a cover letter of high quality. Here are some tips:

  • Begin your letter by briefly outlining your past background and the role you are applying for.
  • Highlight your accomplishments and qualifications instead of the break.
  • Address the gap and be honest in your explanations for leaving the workplace. Keep things short and appropriate.
  • If you have enhanced any of your work-related skills during the career gap or taken up some additional course or certification, you can mention that.

A sample cover letter for a career break:

Cover Letter Example for Senior Executives

As a senior executive, you would seek employment in large enterprises at varying management levels. You would be in charge of supervising other managers or teams of workers in the organization. In addition, you would be responsible for the development of business strategies and allocation of company resources, at the same time implementing the company policies. Your cover letter thus becomes significant here.

  • You need to use the proper executive cover letter format.
  • You can create a professional header for your cover letter and a catchy first paragraph.
  • Use your past achievements to correlate to the job description.
  • Show the company how you can address its challenges.
  • You can cite your professional achievements or accomplishments that are worth a mention.
  • Try to use percentages and numeric data to make your achievements stand out.
  • In the end, you can extend an offer and include a call to action with a call or a proposed meeting.

A sample cover letter for applying to senior executive positions is here:

Summing Up

An efficiently written cover letter would help you tailor your job application to meet the employer’s requirements. Let your cover letter be customized for each job requirement rather than using a generic template that may sound cliché. So, draft out the right cover letter and be ready for your job application.

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