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Salary Matters

Monster Salary Index launched in July revealed shocking details of the wide gender disparity in pay scales in the IT sector. According to the Report, ‘only 30 per cent of the total IT sector workforce in India comprises of women and the fairer sex also faces a huge gender pay gap of 29 per cent.’ Not just the IT sector, most of the industries pay women lesser than their male peers. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial for women to up their game while discussing salaries in job interviews. 
Winning the salary you want requires some evasive action on your part. Choose your words carefully, and don’t be afraid to redirect a pointed question. These tips will help you stay in control of your compensation.
How to Handle Applications Requesting a Salary History
Diane Barowsky, who works in executive recruiting, advises to not include salary requirements. “You run a greater risk of selling yourself short, because you don’t know what the range is”, she says. 
Instead, write that you expect a salary commensurate with your experience and the job’s demands. You could also write, “negotiable,” because, frankly, salary is always negotiable.
What Are You Currently Making?
Answer carefully. State that the new job, while in line with your skills, can’t compare to your current job. As such, your current salary isn’t a good judge of what you should earn in this position. Always keep the salary negotiation part to the end of the entire discussion. By which time the recruiter gets a whiff of your competency and is willing to be flexible salary-wise to select you. 
Get the Employer to Say a Number First
Every employer has a salary range in mind that it can most often play with, says Barowsky. “They have information you are not privy to,” she says. “When you don’t know what the employer has in mind, you can underbid yourself. Employers will jump on that. Later, you’ll find out that someone two cubicles over from you are making more money for the same work you’re doing.” So find out what the range is before you state any salary requirements.
Prepare Yourself by Doing Some Research
Research what others in the field make. Calculate your salary in Monster online salary calculator and get an idea of what you should be asking. Read professional publications like Salary Index. Network to find out what others in your field are making.
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