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Quality Engineer interview questions and answers

The studies of an engineer don’t stop once they graduate; one needs to keep updating themselves continuously. And if you want to prove to your manager or your team that you are efficient enough to learn and keep up with the ever-changing technology, you must be well aware of all the improvements happening in the engineering world. And if you are an HR or a recruiter in a well-reputed company and have to take interviews to hire quality assurance engineers, primarily you need to know the questions which can help you hire the best employees either in the manufacturing field to hire a manufacturing quality engineer or in a software field to hire an engineer who is the best in coding or testing. Or suppose you are a graduated engineer attending interviews. In that case, you should know the type of questions they ask in an interview to persuade the interviewers by your resume and the way you answer the questions and prove you are worthy of the position. Therefore, you need to know some of the basic quality engineer interview questions asked in an interview.

The duties of the quality engineer include maintaining quality standards, testing materials, devices, processes, and products, developing quality control systems, and determining actions which are deemed to be corrective. They will primarily engage with supervisors and immediate managers so that  implementation of quality measures are being done. A successful quality engineer must have the necessary problem solving skills and be able to ensure that processes and products consistently comply with established quality standards.

In this article, a few quality engineer interview questions will guide you and help you prepare for the interview, irrespective of your role in the interview room. Suppose you are an employee aspiring for a position in a company. In that case, these quality engineer interview questions are the most important criteria which help you get filtered and possibly score you the said job.

Common Quality Engineer Interview Questions:

Listed below are some quality engineer questions for the software field: 

1. State some differences between test plan and test strategy

Answer: The test plan exhibits how testing is performed for a particular application under a project, whereas test strategy is dealt with by the higher authority like the Project manager, demonstrating the overall testing of the task at hand.

2. Describe Quality Assurance Engineering 

Answer: QA Engineering offers support to different software development teams for other tasks like application creation, application testing, implementation, and troubleshooting, basically getting involved in the development process from beginning to end. 

In some interviews, the most fundamental question about your role can be asked i.e., It can be one among the quality engineer interview questions like this next one.

3. What according to you is the role of a QA Engineer? 

Answer: Not only a QA engineer has to be an expert in finding the bugs, they also have to be familiar with the documentation. In addition, they must also be equipped with knowledge of test strategies, automation tools, test management tools, to name a few.

4. List some examples regarding the types of software testing

Answer: Activities and techniques of testing will be different depending upon the type of software testing, some examples are:

  • Integration testing
  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
  • Automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Negative testing

5. State differences between functional and non-functional testing?

Answer: Functional testing handles the functional criteria of the application. This type of testing deals with whether the system behaves as per the commands, requirements, and specifications.

Non-functional testing does not focus on the main requirement of the app; it is allowed to focus upon the other surrounding aspects like the performance, load of the app; it is not specified requirement-based but has its own specifications in the section of quality standards. Hence, as a Quality Assurance Engineer, your job is to ensure that these testing are also given ample time and priority.

6. What are the different verification techniques you know?

Answer: Verification techniques are said to be static. There are three types of verification techniques: 

Review: Method of testing the code by an individual, other than the creator of the said code. One of the basic ways to make sure that the code is accurate.

Inspection: This is a one of the systematic ways of ensuring that the code is free of defects or errors, and if there are any, you can correct them. Since it is considered to be disciplined, it is consisting of certain rules

  • Moderator: Facilitates the whole inspection process
  • Recorder: Records and stores the time of meeting, errors occurred and other points discussed.
  • Reader: Reads out the document  or the data. The reader also guides the entries meeting. 
  • Producer: The author or the creator of the code. They are the one’s responsible in the ultimatum and should make sure they update the documents as per the requirements 
  • Reviewer: All the team members on that particular project can be considered as the reviewers. They are here to provide honest feedback.

Walkthrough: In this process, the creator of the entire document reads the content and gets feedback. This is also considered to be interpreting and giving more information for the benefit rather than providing feedback.

7. In case you find a bug in production, how do you make sure that the exact bug is not found again

Answer: The best response to the finding of the bug is to write a test case for the said production defect and include it in the regression suite, to make sure that this same bug is not introduced again. You can also come up with an alternate test case and include the same in the planned execution.

Below listed are the Quality Engineer interview questions for a manufacturing quality engineer to help you brush up with the concept and help you prepare for the interview qualitatively. 

Some quality engineer interview questions regarding manufacturing quality engineer are:

8. How will you qualify a newly manufactured project?

Answer: Introducing a new product in the market is not an easy task; that being said, the safety and success of the project lie in your own hands. Numerous interconnected steps take place while bringing an innovative product to the market. First, you deceive the product in a unique yet straightforward manner to catch the public eye easily while being intriguing and then verifying the product. Then validation of the product is conducted, and feedback is obtained, and based on the input, necessary alterations are made in the whole process of qualifying the product. This practically goes back and forth until positive feedback is brought about. At last, you launch the development, and necessary ongoing assessment is done to optimize and control the manufacturing unit. 

9. How do you repeatedly improve your process of manufacturing?

Answer: The job of a quality engineer is an ongoing one. The key factor that plays a massive impact in your profession is to continuously search for ways to always improvise the product by simultaneously being economical and saving time and resources of your employer. You will achieve it by careful observation, repeated testing, and the motto of continuous optimization. You can also give examples of different approaches to solidify your answer and prove that you are aware of the theoretical aspects of the concept and are also well-versed in the practical application to show efficacy. 

10. What type of technology do you see as the apt one for your job?

Answer: Numerous software tools will help you finish the task with ease, from machinery to software. You can give an example of the one you are most proficient in or the one you have mastered. You can also talk about software toolbar tools that you have some familiarity with. You can centralize the operations, capture or store data, detect the errors, correct those errors by taking specific actions, and map out the timeline to name a few machine handling tasks.

11. How will you handle the situation where one of your suppliers has run out of business  and you need the raw materials for the products, and immediately need a new one to carry on the work. How will you manage this transition?

Answer: One of the primary skills of a manufacturing quality engineer is communication skills. You need that skill to handle scenarios like this to handle your counterparts in supply chain and operations. Also, explain how you would have collaborated with other teams for immediate vendor input. And how you made sure that your colleagues belonging to other groups were correctly informed about your requirements. And once the new vendor is brought into the picture, explain how you will familiarize the two parties and make sure the new supply chain will clearly understand the requirements to minimize the time taken to supply them so that the manufacturing process can get back up without much delay.

12. What if the necessity comes where you have changed one of the raw materials used in the manufacturing? How do you approach this?

Answer: If such a change is required, then you have to make sure that it is to be done in order to reduce the previous cost and also improve the quality of the product as this is also your main motto, this task requires a little more effort to put it into action. Explain how you will conduct a process material qualification since any new supplier cannot be trusted by face value. Also explain how you will work with different engineering teams to make sure the new materials meet all the requirements all while being cost efficient.

These are some of the questions asked about a manufacturing quality assurance engineer in quality engineer interview questions.

Listed below are some quality engineer interview questions in digital marketing.

13. Describe Google Adwords

Answer: Google Adwords is one of the most reputed online advertising services owned by Google. Many businesses use this platform for marketing their services. In addition, this advertising platform is the most famous Pay-per-click system in the world. Google Adwords allows its customers to set a budget on ads, and payments happen when a person clicks on that ad. It is an advertising system that focuses on keywords.

14. What is a responsive web design?

Answer: The responsive web designs improvise the web pages I.e they help those said web pages to perform well on electronic devices. It makes sure that the viewer of the webpage has a great experience, no matter the device they use to view the web page. The practise of a responsive design is a mixture of different variety of layouts,  images, icons and grids.

15. Do you know the limit for the characters in adwords ads?

Answer: The ad’s headline and subtitle should not cross more than 30 characters, and the description of your ad should not exceed 90 characters.

These are some of the quality engineer interview questions asked in different engineering fields that will help you by giving you an overall idea of how the questions are asked and what area of the concepts you need to focus upon.

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